Matt, Dokan, County Sheriff discussed on H3 Podcast - #18 - Hugh Mungus


Matt yet and hair out all the coffee shops bias just by huge property there to make them all live there let people put parking cones down to save spas again millions of dollars on gentrified an era atlas washes chevron of meat rampant your comments that has trying to stay on time with my my way what i have to say it doesn't matter because i live under ab early seriously leave what matters is as it is is what everybody else has to say we support this freezing we think it's important vestment for public safety in the north did so here's what i'm really case about like clearly some shit hat been that you were in disbelief about like what happened there there were so many comments be made me in us in a shotgun fashion that i it then it was trying to block it out and what were you not a are talking just a smack dark and k and objects in in dokan the the chair madam chair ochoa madam chair despair loss all control that hearing there and uh and pretty much channelled me out by cutting me off and i give him the additional time of the stuff i wanted to say i wasn't able to say in that the seattle police and so much county sheriff's department in that hope soldiers that was truly grateful uh uh was the thing that helped me with might adult daughter in going to the city council the past in the mayor's office.

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