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A comedy slash slash romance. That's like billing silence of the lambs as a thriller slash cooking movie. Let's meet our contestants. First Step Elliot's Smith Guy. You are a high school earth science teacher Yes so and you studied Iraq's much of your life. Yeah so you can tell the difference between many kinds of minerals and rocks including you have the ability to tell the difference between fake and real diamonds. Yeah so we can talk later. Okay have you. Have you ever done that forever. And I always offer for people who are newly engaged and they're like really feeling pressure and I mean they're not my closest friends anymore Yulia when you ring in and we'll hear this. Your opponent is hope Dickens. You've lived all over twenty five different places before you turned twenty five. That's right So did you meet any cool people along the way in the short stints that who made a real impression on you at one place. My parents were in the hotel motel. Industry Okay Okay. And we lived at a resort that Jane Fonda and Ted Turner managed or owned rather and so one day. When I was eleven I got to drive around with Jane Fonda while she redecorated hotel rooms and she was redecorating hotel? She owned the place so had to fit her static. Okay and what. What do you remember from that experience? Since she was super cool she wore all black. She gave me a nickname. Oh what's your nickname. Hope Arena. Is What Chicago. Ah I love a nickname that's longer. Yeah hope when you ring in. We'll hear this Ilia and hope whoever has more points after two.

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