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Here as I would love to share my latest discovery with you lifestyles listeners. As soon as I tried this product, I became instantly obsessed and it's now officially a non negotiable ingredient in my morning smoothie and sometimes even coffee. First time I tried it, I felt focused. My mind was clear and it continues to improve my mental performance on the daily. I actually had some in my smoothie this morning and will likely do another scoop in some water for my afternoon work block to keep this brain pumping. You're probably hip to the superpowers of mushroom extracts and collagen protein. Well, the product I'm talking about here contains the most hyper concentrated forms of four of the best brain boosting mushrooms, so that's lion's mane, chaga, cordyceps, and reishi, plus collagen protein, and Peruvian cacao. This magic in a jar, my Friends is called collagenous. And I love that it turns your brain on without any jitters or crash whatsoever. It's super clean brain energy. So if you're getting beat down with the old brain fog, have difficulty focusing and want to repair your brain in the most natural way you definitely want to check this stuff out. Here's what you do. Go to utopia dot com slash Luke genius and use the code Luke ten at checkout and save 10%. That's. Utopia dot com slash Luke genius. And check this out, utopia, the company that makes call of genius is so confident that you'll love this product that they offer a 365 day money back guarantee. So there's no risk for you here to check this out. Again, your link is utopia dot com slash Luke genius and the code is Luke ten. Do it now, you guys, your brain will thank you. So you've traveled to these sacred sites, right? Machu Picchu, the pyramids in Egypt, et cetera, and shaft up being one of these kind of power centers that's widely known. What was your experience there? I talked about it with the incredible spring that's there, but Shasta has this really funny kind of Bigfoot alien mystique around it, where there is a pretty decent swath of subculture people that think that there's actually a civilization living inside Lake Shasta underground and the stories get pretty crazy around that area for some reason. Did anything Supernatural or interesting transpire when you were there? Were you impressed by it in any way? I always had my second favorite place on the planet. Really? Yeah. And what's first? I know the Dead Sea. Of course. I know the story of the lemurians and the telos beings that exist there. For me, I haven't had any of those experiences of interaction with beings, but the reason I call it my second favorite place is the water. I just love the different water expressions there and having a conversation or earlier how important water is. So you've got Stuart springs just up the road. I think that's actually quite a hot spring place. Yeah. Epic. Yeah. Did you go in the tubs inside? Yes, the tub is on and then the fresh water. Dude, when I went in, I was up at this farm called belcampo up there a few years ago. And of course, everywhere I go, the first thing I do is Google where's the Hot Springs. The first thing. I don't Google. I hate that word. I web search it. Google's evil. Don't kick me off there, please, Google. I use your drive a lot. So I find that hot spring and I go there. And I had said something like there was a sign on the wall that said, you know, don't get a massage in this water or something like that. And I was like, oh, whatever interesting. And so I went in, even though you're in a room by yourself, I wore shorts because I wanted to be able to go jump in the cold creek and not have to get dressed and undressed every time. And dude, I got like these micro cuts all over my legs and stuff. I think from my shorts touching some chards of minerals or something. Did you experience that? I was like bleeding from just sitting in this tub. This is the weirdest thing ever. Oh, you hadn't gone from the tub to the sauna. I did both, but so what happens is when you get out of the tub. It still has all of the, because it's such a hypertonic solution. It's actually the closest water I've seen to the Dead Sea water. Really? Yeah, you know how it feels like silk makes a very strange smell. Yeah, yeah, it's not sulfur smell like some Hot Springs. It's a totally, it's almost like ammonia. Yeah. It's a very strange smell. It's a different mineral expression. Yeah. And so when you get out of that water and your shorts dry, they go like cardboard. So without you noticing it, when you're walking, salt is actually crystallized light. So they'd be sharp components. That would have been giving you chafe. Yeah, it was very, because it wasn't like, you know, like if you took sandpaper and rubbed your arm where it just all turned generally red and was irritated. They were little cuts. They were actually bleeding. Because it would have been crystals. So like the points of the crystals were probably scratching your skin. As you were walking incredible strength, one to the sauna. Okay, noted if I'm ever back there again, I won't do that. So Shasta for you, the magic of that area is really about the water. So between the spring water around the mountain and then that hot spring. Correct. Wow, that's pretty impressive considering the travel you've done. Yeah, that it really left that impression. Yeah, and the redwoods as well. I mean, they're an incredible being and once you go a little bit further north, you've got the Smith river and the rogue river and Crater Lake. So just that whole area. But yeah, I feel Shasta and Oregon has the best water on the planet actually. Second to New Zealand. Yeah, it feels very inductive to me. Yeah, I agree. What about Machu Picchu? That's somewhere I've not been on my kind of reserve bucket list, not the first bucket list, but it'd be nice, you know, but it's not like I'm dying to get there. Did you have any interesting experiences there? Or anything that informed your worldview, career, projects, et cetera? I did, yeah. So Machu Picchu has three main mountains you can climb. And the main mountain that everyone thinks is much picture is actually winter picture. The picturesque one. So Machu Picchu itself is much higher. And only about 20 people a day climate because wherever you are 2 p.m., you have to come back down because I don't want to risk people running out of light. Yeah, I climbed match picture made it to the top and I remember doing a meditation at the top and woke up and there was a condor. In front of me. And no way. Yeah, yeah, and condors don't usually go to those altitudes. And it was interesting because Brad, who I told you about my business partner had given me a book to read called the celestine prophecy, like years before, and I hadn't read it. And I felt like I wanted to read it on my way to Peru. I was trying to find the book couldn't find it anywhere I got to the airport, went to the bookshop. They said, no, we don't have it. They said, there's one other book shot like miles away. So I walked over to that other bookshop to see if they had it. And I was sitting on the counter next to the register. The last one that they had. So I was actually reading the celestine prophecy on the plane on the way over, and it literally felt like that kind of journey. As I was traveling through the sacred valley, to get the match picture, then had the meditation and it was quite early for me. It was 2013. So it was quite early in the journey. But it was still very beautiful. At the bottom in match, which you village, there's Hot Springs again. Really? Yeah. All right, I'm on it. Yeah, yeah. The amazing thing with that is you'll do this huge hike during the day. You come down, you get in the Hot Springs, and then in the morning you feel like you haven't even walked. It's this so rejuvenating, right? So it's a great example. Again, of the minerals. Of how rejuvenating and revitalizing they are and then you go

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