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You are about to embark on a show about four people who find themselves from Russ engine the back. Ball culture history. Joy I. Heard a boss Jail Troth Laura Nevada's and Sabrina Pierre as they poorly impersonate celebrities drink a lot appear and answer very hard trivia questions you are now. To. podcasts forty two. You know it feels really good to do stuff again. Speak for yourself Chris. I saw plenty of mass me and this is just going to put me behind even more. But Laura, we are going to help people at a nursing home. Where is your compassion I have to agree with Chris on this one? Laura. I mean, where's your compassion just think of how good you will feel helping the elderly deadline Sabrina I am two weeks behind on orders already they take any longer a lose clients to. Bruder. How will you lose clients to Bruder? He just started making mass and crafts. When we first went into quarantine, he's been advertising on gravity beard and it sounds like businesses booming I am not losing clients to him. He can troth with phone calls, but he will never take my business. I'm sure we'll be back in time for you to catch up a little I. Sure Hope. So because I have fifteen masks that need to be made and shipped out by tomorrow are we? Ready to go to the nursing, Home Sabrina and I are but Laura wants to stay here and catch up on making Mass Laura. We'll be back in plenty of time to make masks later and holding need to that. So we better be you know how long I can hold a grudge do I ever we should probably get going I don't want to be on Laura's bedside. She has a good side. This is why I hold grudges. Are you sure. This is the right place. I followed the directions on the GPS. This is definitely the place. This is a professional wrestling nursing home I know what kind of nursing home were you expecting? I don't know maybe one with elderly people who actually need help calm down Laura retired wrestlers need assistance as well. The damage, their bodies, farner detainment, and a lot of them are left a broken shell of what they once were by the time they retire. Yeah. Can you imagine the injuries that they are still suffering from today Saturday Egos broken dreams and fractured pride are not real injury. So mean I'm sure they are suffering from some legitimate injuries. Oh, I'm sure drag abuse alcohol. Azzam's been witch. Let's open the beer cooler and have a drink before we go in I. saw. Lunar, it's G. Is. Well. Some Cigar City, what is this jail? This is their new hazy IPA fancy papers. Papers it's so tasty. They always have the most unique names for their beer. Well, they're all Florida inspired. They're supposed to have like a history of Florida and. Look at the cans, it's supposed to have some of that background in there. So like fancy papers, it's like has to deal with cigar rolling because in Tampa. There was a big cigar sitting at. Cigar making area like because they had their ebor city and all that. So. That makes sense I just thought some guy looked over after they made the beer saw some papers and it has some calligraphy on it. Now I learned this on a tour wants like those are some fancy papers on the back. It says it's It can be found in labels printed on fancy people's papers and applied to the lids of cigar boxes of yesteryear. Read the can before you. Yeah. This. It. For SIP, so good. Have you ever had a cigar city? You didn't like, yeah. Yeah there was that one. Paloma I think it was his the Palomo. That one to Paloma rated. Goza. No, I looked at one you. Know we had a cigarette city agree to goes as well. Mellon was good. There was a cirque cigar city that was good, and then the following week a similar one was funky Buddha. Yeah I got that one because you said, we had done the Funky Buddha one and all that. So we didn't. So I got that one and that Paloma goes was not that good or was it the other way around Bono Cigar? City Look. Into that. No, it definitely was cigar city was better one. Yeah. Well, stay tuned to the end of the episode when we rate the beer on one through six one being the worst six being the best this is based on a six pack. Of course, this makes sense to everybody in the world except for one lone Canadian in Kissimmee. All right. Well, let's get this over with woken the sleeper hold nursing home of aging wrestlers. Are you the volunteers that are here to listen to olding stories? Today we are. Stories have a happy ending slum dealing slump don't, but they are just happy to be talking about their glory days already days pass by glory days that was such a good springsteen business. You that right now plus I think that guy over there is GonNa die I don't WanNa make that he's not going to die. That's the undertaker and he always looks like that I only recognize half of these guys here I know recognize any of these guys I know the. That's sting sitting on the light above the table the guy in the corner pulling what's left of his hair out is is Mick Foley or as he was known in the ring as mankind dude love Cactus Jack the Dura at the table eating or the nasty boys and I wouldn't get too close. So they might stick your face in an armpit growth. No, they really did that opponents in the ring, the guy in the robe randomly walking around his ric flair and last but not least, that's Hulk Hogan sitting in the chair watching TV. That's amazing. I didn't know you were a wrestling fan. How did you know all of that I read it on the back of a WWF ice cream bar once used to love those especially ones that came with the jaw breakers. They just came back to the stores I know guess what I'm buying on my way home not every don't get this over with soon. Now, which one are we listening to? Listen to Hulk Hogan A. This is GonNa..

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