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For up to forty eight months chris. O neil and his sales team would be happy to show you around the showroom at the corner berard and second. The dog poll question today and to have a dog line of the day for them but our poll question at secure some price. Are you scared of an elitist. Pederson offer sheet yes or no dope. Bog is your source of free casino games poker strategy and sports odds. I know blake oftentimes likes to go off the board. Pick something. that's a little bit more of a deep cut or a b side. Is you over. She gives me more than twenty seconds. opportunity the first two. So i thought you might have one after doing so. Well you know you do like to get gambling of course on the boat online and the ad vata in the red sox tonight I've got some college football lines later. Standby standby i've got pond bass who's gonna join us here from the athletic on the big offer sheet carolina montreal cock in the emmy olympic participation in other. Nhl matters in their memo to need you to send a memo anybody in the rule. The sport anybody in the news trying to be witty. Try and be topical tax seven seven eight four zero to ninety six eighty e mail live at charissa price dot com twitter at secure some price or the secure some voice memo go security bryce dot com slash voice memo big red record button. Hit it gives your name where you're calling from memo to yes sir Just just put this in the back of your brain here. It moves between now and thursday. Canada honduras early line for the qualifiers kendra the favorite. Yeah of course. Yeah fairly overwhelming. While i would think so at this point. Yeah i mean. I just one young may evening. I can't imagine hundreds can put the same level of talent on the pitch the candidate can now with with its best players. Considering how nervous i think lot fans are gonna be going into that match amazing to see this line. If you've watched canadians offers therapist. I mean that's a but the the oddsmakers clearly would have to minus one eighty five on canada right now. It's plus five twenty five for honduras. Let's park that in our brains and we'll see how the changes towards our pond is a writer reporter editor with the athletic in montreal. I'm not gonna try. And say the french version of it because i mispronounced earlier and he joins us on the line. Now hello are on. How are you my friend. I'm good guys. how are you very well. Yes table dancing. Everybody remembers table dancing from the draft in philadelphia. Many ago to do busy weekend for you did.

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