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So yeah, but it it does seem like that's the growing sentiment in Rodrigues. Great point, Rich. Paul did say that last week, like non is the basketball decision. And I think in the long term, it is a basketball decision because I think that LeBron James is one of the most competitive people on the planet, so I'm not. I'm not going to in dismiss that. I just think it is interesting that amongst his peers that seems to be the sentiment that there you know, for lack of a better phrase punting on this season, at least right now based on what the roster looks like. That's the way the guys that play in the league seem to understand that. But I think that they're, you know, you gotta let it play out because they do got a bunch of young guys that can play man, it's it's just gonna, keep getting better and growing. That's why they have bringing in veteran guys that could teach those young guys, what it's like to be in a playoff atmosphere. Just in case they get their that have one championship for being in deep runs. I know everybody laugh. Mckee shack, shackled food, but he's been in proposed season game. You know Stevens polcies. In games Rondo postseason Jane's postseason so you know what to expect salad lake. Balboa Sal. Good morning. Good. Thanks guys. You know, last night or Lakers line was a real interesting point. I believe the Lakers lost like ten or twelve games by five points or less last season. So you're right, it's kids can play. Now you bring LeBron James in got your closer. They could potentially be ten to twelve games better right now. Well, they'll be ten to twelve games better because LeBron gives you that. I think LeBron if you really look at where LeBron has made an impact, I think the team he went to that had the least increase in wins was Miami. I think they were like plus eleven, but they had twain weight already in his prime at that time. So the the increase was going to be smaller than it was when he went back to Cleveland, the two times he was in Cleveland. So I do think that LeBron even at this stage of his career is worth probably somewhere between thirteen and fifteen games. So I think. Acres will be close to a fifty win team this year. I it see. The interesting thing is if you look at it and and if you look at it for Brown, wasn't here in the team, basically stayed the same with Randall in everything and everything was healthy. They would have been knocking on the door of a six, seven, eight c in my belief because they would have gotten another. What are they? Would they finish thirty thirty five, six, something like that. They could have gotten another ten wins right with the mocking healthy. Ten wins wouldn't have gotten them in the playoffs last year though. 'cause it was forty. Seven I believe got showcase, oh, give him give him fifteen more win, right? So that's out of Matic now will LeBrun automatic. I would say they're LeBron this stage is worth thirteen to fifteen with because when was the last time, what was the last time the Brian James Hattie, awful team that people look at and say, he's gonna miss the playoffs win. Was he like twelve years old? Probably his first or second year in Clinton when he was like twelve years old. Yeah, that was a long time coming up at eight o'clock, the Lakers. Have their own version of a death lineup that's been put out there to potentially rival Golden State. We'll tell you what that is at eight but Dylan Hernandez of the LA times columnists. He's got a story this morning about you may be seeing the end of Clayton Kershaw dodgers uniform. We'll ask him about that coming up in just a second. Welcome to the thirty second annual circus awards here like this music. I mean KOMO it's very cares. Yeah. Yeah. Sounds like some that do we put video not a video game, but a game show host. Dylan Hernandez LA times columnist got the story this morning about Clayton Kershaw. We want to discuss with him. He's in Milwaukee for many Machado's debut will start there. Dylan. The addition was made how much more dangerous does the addition of Manny Machado? Make the dodgers offense and make make them defensively when he's in the field? Well, I think you know it gives them a kind of a reliable, consistent bad..

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