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Y. P. C. mobile news all the level on the go why you need to pay attention to your weather later today partly cloudy eighty five degrees on the circle on rod Connie here's what's trending at one oh two severe weather is on the way John Herrick reports damaging winds heavy rain and large hail are all threats to be ready for this afternoon and evening says Mike Koch a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Indianapolis it would be about four PM to midnight he says the rain is likely to arrive north of Indianapolis around four o'clock in India around six and cities and towns south of Indianapolis will likely see rain after six John Herrick ninety three W. Y. B. C. mobile news if you're used to celebrating independence day with a downtown freedom fest and fireworks display it will not happen this year two reasons for the cancellation coronavirus was a factor show was the current economic environment Emmis communications said they did their best to find another way to put the festival and display on but cancellation ended up being the best decision Chris Davis ninety three W. I. B. C. mobile news traffic and weather up next it's one of the others day knickknacks that funny mug I run a tight or worse I owe you coupon books it's time to get yourself something you want to add like a craftsman half inch corded impact wrench for ninety nine ninety nine it's the perfect gift to give to yourself and while you're here don't forget to shop all the great deals on craftsman tools quality parts helpful people that snap and Noel how participating napa auto parts stores while supplies last prince six thirty twenty only in the forest can you see this and this yes but nothing beats the moment you see that's your child's eyes opening up to a world of possibilities because one trip to the fullest can spark a world of difference there are some moments only the force can inspire find yours at discover the forest dot org learn about forests near.

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