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So it all worked out for seventeen. You got to say saints fans mad at me at eight even just like strangers off on the internet about people. I know it was furious concern is that they're so furious that they're still going to take the bus to Atlanta. So maybe like is there a way we can stop making them so mad or you could just hang out in Atlanta, all by yourself. How about that? If you so scared. I would be scared of different way. There we go was it is. Ooh. For school. He's had his ask Houston's whole life and sometimes actually won ten Super Bowls. Source close to the eagles. And a report by the Philly voice in the story, multiple unnamed players called went selfish, and he among other criticisms how big of a deal is this. I mean, I really only think it's a big deal. Nick foles is still on the T. Now, I am a sumo that this report is legitimate. I'm assuming that they source talked to enough people that they feel competent with what it is that they are saying what I still don't know who exactly these people are that have a problem. I know that people who've said they'd know this is nonsense lane. Johnson set that accent that those big guys Zach Gertz as far as I've seen the only skill guy to come out here refute it, but he's the one who gets the ball all the time. This is the dude who the story kind of centers around. It's as much about Zakar. It's seems like Carson Wentz. And Carson glands, maybe a big belief in his own, right? I did not know this about Carson Wentz. But maybe he's just not a fun guy to be around fair enough. But this is about how the offense run about him favoring Zakar to the tune of being targeted tight end in history. And so the question. Becomes this? Offense thing is this person on the offense. Who's like I liked it when it was more democrat. Well, the story says though as much about it'd be more democratic as much as John de Filippo and Frank right could deal with Carson Winston that the new office quart eight of my group is getting walked over by Carson right now, the issue that I think you have with earth stuff is ninety two so much that he's passing the ball too much to one guy, but they're not as good when you stolen the ball in there to that. One guy's eckerd's is a good tied in but not the focus of your offense kind of good tied in. But if there is some sort of chasm on the team, if there are people who are not on board with cars with and they think he's a jerk once allusion to that obviously is just to go on to win. But the other one is if you just gotta put up with him because there is no other option than people will ultimately put up with him. Right Sud feld is not going to cause any amount of the same controversy. But yes, I'm Nelson galore von alshon, Jeffery. Would miss foles to go. Believe no. Russell westbrook. When as if he and Joel Embiid cool at the two collided on this play. Let's watch. Helped by Adams over to have to live on the still Russ would be. Ooh. I mean, this is a little bit of a lesion now, which don't see here. Russia's going to ride. Dan, what we didn't show when he got up and tried to have way Russian that did happen. But if the guy is that big and falls upon you intentional or not I feel just the fall that. Yeah. It's the put push on the back of the head. It's a rabbit punch esque action. Yeah. Russ found to be unnecessary. We got both of them talking to the gang. I don't think he just let them in. We know Sam, okay? Anyway. Can block. Thank you lost the ball. But I was already..

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