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So it because I believe that is a, you know, it's kind of a what do you call it like a? When you when you start something off on the right foot? You're really setting the tone for your trip. And for me if you want to set a great tone start off on the right foot, and for me that begins from the moment. Your foot touches the ground another great tip for those. That are in Europe. You can take the ferry from Theresa Spain into tanger-. It's a thirty minute ferry ride as beautiful as all get out inner crossing continents across Gibraltar. You can see the rock of Gibraltar in the distance from the coast of Spain. You can see the coast of Morocco, and they're right there. You know, they're almost kissing cousins Mets it but ended ended it is incredible to see just in the space of seven miles or about fourteen kilometers. How different the world's can be how much they change. And also at the same time kinda how similar they are as well. You know, these just get thrown into high definition, especially that first time he kinda make that that ferry crossing. So for me, that's kind of the best ways to come in. Morocco, you know, either by ferrying tanger- or flying into any airport that isn't cause of Lanka. So I think I think that's a good start for the trip. And then you were saying if you had two or four weeks, what would you do a lot of times people built their travels around certain activities? They like our experiences they wanna have. And I know there are some traditional tourist types experience of experiences that you can have in Morocco. What some of those are what some of those might are maybe are worth it and not worth it, those even even better tip. Sometimes is the things that hey, you've heard a lot about this. But it's and of course, that's all subjective. But. Hit send them one. Hey, you've heard a lot about cousin. Bog don't go there? Right. Okay. Yeah. There you go. Sometimes it's the things that people say not to do that kind of paint a clearer picture of what to do. Sometimes I guess that other thoughts have traveling to Morocco are a, you know, I think about the seasons. I would not go there in the summer. Yeah. Summertime. You know, if you stick to the coast that could be okay in terms of temperature. It's not too hot. But the coasts are flooded by all the tourists from Europe all the tourists from Morocco. You know, everybody kind of vacates the desert stop that really hot core of the country in the day fled to the coast. And so even if you stick to the coast where temperatures will be nice, you know, the hot sunny, warm, he can jump in the ocean. And all that. It's it's almost too crowded to make fun. I think particularly in some places that are typically a little bit more off to be passed a little bit less, less traveled. That's that's true except for probably August, maybe July. So when are the best months to travel then? Spreading and fall by far the best, you know, I if chosen between between the two I'd say probably springs the best time to go. Because then you get you know, turn them in the mountains. You got all these beautiful, flowering plants everywhere. And you start to see the green, you know, really really kinda take root the coast are still great for, you know, taking the whole little swim in the ocean. It'll be chilly, but it's still really nice out. And then in the desert your temperatures during the day are bearable, you know, they're up to forty five fifty degrees celsius there like one hundred ten one hundred twenties, but this more going to be like ninety degrees out or so which makes you know. So you can do a day in the desert Jerry comfortably..

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