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Beyond guarantee. Good morning. Good morning, Markus. Venezuelans are taking to the streets of Caracas and the latest defined demonstration against President Nicolas Maduro, thousands of opposition supporters gathered in protest called by national assembly. President Guido why do is appealing to will Dita's on crucially the armed forces to recognize him as the rightful head of state in. In the Philippines. The military has launched an airstrike against a local terrorist group. Suspected of orchestrating the deadly bombing on a Catholic church last week. Bloomberg's Andrea Kazombos says president attorney wasn't the group crushed and attack helicopter job rockets over parts of the southern province of subdue targeting. Members of the Abbasiya terrorists. Do the church bombing killed at least twenty one person's and enjoyed about one hundred others in Manila and your whole Lonzo. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Fine minister Narendra Modi has one last ditch attempt to win over Indian voters in Friday's budget. Bloomberg's Ian Muller says a possible populace spending measures are expected to help lady ahead of national elections. Populism is even more likely given Modi's Barati Janata Party lost in three state elections held in December. There's speculation Moody's fiscal plan includes a cash transfer program for farmers polls in India's suggests not has lost substantial support, but still. Likely to win reelection with a reduced mandate in New Delhi in Marlow, Bloomberg daybreak Europe. And in the UK people suspected of carrying knives could have access to social media. Restricted the home office wants to introduce knife climb prevention this stuff online gang feuds leading to deadly attacks. Belabor shadow home secretary. Diane Abbott says the idea seems rushed I woke as far as they go. I would stress that if you're really going to deal with life crime in need a holistic approach and look at what's happened southerners do need to work with schools. Global news twenty four hours a day on Aaron at tick tock on Twitter, powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm young guarantee. This is Bloomberg Markus. Thanks so much.

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