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Hyattsville, still just 52 in Fredericksburg, and we have 53° here at WTO, brought to you by long fence, save 20% on long fence Dex pavers and fences, go to long fence dot com today and schedule your free in home estimate. Money news at 10 a.m. 40 passed the hour good afternoon now, Jeff claw. While John dolman Moore, Wall Street job cuts, Morgan Stanley. Will reportedly eliminate 3000 jobs by June. That's about 5% of its workforce. Morgan Stanley joins others like Bank of America and Citigroup who've reported job cuts in recent weeks. Pfizer has made billions off COVID-19 vaccine sales. That is drying up. Fails a Pfizer's COVID vaccine lasts quarter, we're down 75% from a year ago. That's $10 billion in revenue, it did not get. D.C. United has Audi field, now it has another naming rights deal. In over health system has purchased the naming rights to the soccer club's training facilities and Leesburg now, the inova performance center. Was not disclosed. Bank stocks are weighing on the markets. The Dow is down 470 points. The S&P 500 Index is down 58, the NASDAQ's down. 138 Jeff clay will double TLP news. Money news brought to you by GAC services for your heating, cooling, and electrical services. Don't let the heat catch you off guard, schedule your $69 AC tune up from GAC services today. Visit GAC services dot com to schedule today. GAC services expect more. Proud partner of Bryant, whatever it takes just to add TV and movie writers hit the picket lines this afternoon. We're going to talk about a Hollywood strike with K and X reporter John Baird. It's 11 it's one 11. It's no secret that this economy is taking its toll on us, but I've got some important news that could really help. If you're facing $10,000 or more

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