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Things in life one finds company because i think that is so funny and that that some farright a whole said you're down on him because he gave her his daughter giorgio yeah yeah and he cut from that to the dinner with trump after the tweeting storm with the daughter and a jewish soninlaw and then backed archie bunker inviting horse into archie bunker in so we're gonna have a second guess awesome yes and i think i saw dolphin out there in the second us walked in and his name is james fair off and he's closing the door even though i talk and he's wearing some kind of a sustained uh t shirt that's i suppose today i guess it some kind of fashion yes and a phillies had i might point out being from philadelphia and he is wearing a phillies hannity's gonna their phones on now we will now hear his voice ladies and gentleman james farrell known familiarly as winky having up you have to get closures have celebs are to be sitting with you gentlemen is he said i was added in the both do you hear winky i do be done your your heard winky so when you were talking earlier the two of you about your little show that you've done together he forgot to mention that it now an emmy nominated documentary crew he is emmy nominated your every now and i urge you not not for this one i i won an emmy for something else but this with uh just another version of you the documentary has been nominated for an emmy as well.

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