Anthony Edwards, Franz Wagner, Pat Williams discussed on Game Theory Podcast


Okay, let's jump in. Where do you want to start? Do you want to start with lamella? Do you want to start with pat Williams being out? Do you want to start with Anthony Edwards? Where do you want to go first? Let's start with some. Let's just start at the top. Why don't we start thinking Edwards? Okay. So Anthony Edwards has looked really good this year. He's, I think simplified and shot mechanics and a pretty real way that is going to lead to long-term sustainability as a scorer. He's talked a lot about defense early in his career and wanting to be great on defense. And I think that's a really good sign. His on ball defense, I think he's gotten much better. If you watch his off ball defense, he's still kind of a mess. A lot of the Franz Wagner breakout game that happened against Minnesota was, for instance, like him digging down onto a driver that he didn't need to dig down onto and then leaving Franz Wagner for an open three. Right. On a same side, kick out even. Let alone like a cross corner kick out. These are all growing things though. Like everything I've seen from Anthony Edwards so far says that this is the best case scenario for how the start of his career has gone, I think..

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