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Did you know that earlier in the show? They did a spot where where both of the iconic together hit a double team move and that was the finish. You were that no. Yeah the the rumor is they took the REF. But here's here's what happened last night so after that a little a little while later there's tag team match. And it is the deceased ray. Mysterious and the deceased Alastair Blacks. The late Ray Stereo. They're facing the risen. Seth rollins and Buddy Murphy is just dude. I guess so. They're doing this match. And Seth standing on the Apron. He's all disheveled his his his. He does not have a gut but like he's not even trying to suck stomach in his. He has the closest thing. You'll ever see to a gut on Seth rollins. His hair's all messed up. His boots are untied. He just staring off into space. He's broken seth rollins and somebody Murphy. The he'll has to go one onto against the two resurrected baby faces. It's already ridiculous so like he's valiantly fighting as a heel and then he actually gets the heat analysis black. Even though it's one onto and ray makes a big comeback and ray elbows or knees or something Seth Rollins. And Seth falls off the apron so raise running wild on Buddy Murphy or. I guess as he has now just Murphy. He can't be a buddy and he goes for the six one nine. And seth grabs him and throws him on the ground in the REF calls for the bell and I was like people ask. Did you cry during the Becky Lynch deal? No I didn't but I cried during the D. Q just I was so aghast. What I saw is the match. He's a participant. How many times when I review a tag match do I write? It broke down into a four-way and like all the guys who are in the ring at the same time. But this time if seth rollins grabs Ramos Stereo to competitors in the match it's a disqualification. I believe my eyes flipped out. Hold on Mike. I flipped out and I later find out I later find out that there is in fact It's Vincent McMahon rule. You got to think about Vince. Think about all of the Times that they've advertise somebody and then they've just changed it the false advertising they announce a match but they give you a different match. They shoot an angle but then it just goes nowhere. They changed this they changed. That is like the guy the wind blows and he changes his mind. And you just changes everything. Okay well this guy. This guy is dead stickler for this stupid rule that I'm about to explain to you okay. So in a tag team match and I'm going to try to explain all of this you because it's so ridiculous. Okay so you know how you tag. And then there's five seconds we can both be in the ring at the same time right so if I take you okay. For five seconds we can both be in the ring as the referee counts to five. Okay all right so if I tag you for that five seconds. We are both allowed to beat on the competitor. It can be two on one for that five seconds. Okay however outside of that five seconds you if your not the legal man you can not touch the other teams legal. Man and Vince is adamant adamant that this be enforced. So if you if your legal if you're legal you're allowed to hit the other teams illegal man but the illegal man cannot touch the legal man. Okay you got it so far so ray. Because he's legal is allowed to it. Seth on the Apron. But Seth on the Apron is not allowed to hit ray. Okay now. Seth can hit Alastair. I believe because they're both illegal so legal cannot hit or legal candidate illegal illegal cannot hit legal but illegal illegal. You got all this Mike. So Vince is so adamant about this. Rule that like when the wrestlers put together matches. I mean there are spots that they want to do. They can't because they will violate this. This rule here now granted granted. Even I said all that you're still allowed to break up a pin so elite goal as noted can hit legal to break up the pin. Now if if if the illegal man tries to make a pin and the ref isn't paying attention and illegal man hits the illegal man. I think that's a disqualification. So if if you're on the apron and you step inside and you punch the legal man even though it has no bearing on the match. That's a disqualification. What if someone is pinning your partner and you step in and break it up? Which is a save. That is legal. I'm not I swear on a stack of bibles I'm making this up. That's why last night ray went for the six one nine. And and Seth grabbed him and threw him on the floor and that was his qualification. Because of this crazy rule that did you ever know about this rule. I didn't know about this rule. I mean they have rules and I guess they tell you about the five seconds and everything like that but this is. This is an insane level of sticking to a rule to give you this result. So that's what happened last night. I'm not making this up. I know this isn't good for the radio. But I'm holding up for the the fans at home on twitch a copy of the NWEA's official wrestling roles as sanctioned by the national wrestling alliance now granted. This is a this is from a few years ago. Like nine hundred seventy four but as you see. There's there's new rules that have been put in place but you see all the following maneuvers or a legal and everything but I mean I see nothing about that at all and on top of it. I just thought it was brutality. I thought it was. We'll maybe it was like how did was grab them and trump him on the ground but this is the problem I'm coming up with a justification in my head as to why this is the case because he will barreled amount of the ring and smashed them on the floor like it. Didn't none of it made any sense it. Because they don't ever talk about these rules and do anything with these roles. None of a mean anything in the Negro Confusing Situation. This stupid well. That's what happened everybody. So just so. Y'All know all right. Only are the real note today that will go to the phone calls and emails and we do have a phone call here fact. Let'S GO TO J J. You've been waiting for a while Jay. What's going on Hi you first of all. I didn't watch him. Ww Time and they got to a point of watching wwe. I watch it on. Dvr I kinda record it. And I watched like an our behind and then yesterday but it was awesome but when I first started I watched it live and that further on this is a rules. Corny hit Ouster on the head so fast for all through to the end and when she said pregnant I said Oh I said Oh shoot me go back and see when she was talking about and I think a lot of buses train that nothing is is real and wwe anymore so we either fast forward or we don't look at it will take you seriously. I don't know what's your thought on that. Well Yeah I wanNA thank you very much for the call so yesterday I mean yours was interesting. So Dave was doing daily update and he was talking about how the ratings should be up a lot today for raw because he said the pay per view bump and the return of Edge Norton and the Becky Lynch the Becky Lynch announcement. Okay so of those three. I mean first off. There has not been a pay-per-view bump in four ever so I'm not expecting any of you bump for this show now for the return of edge and Orton. I mean that could mean something I mean. We saw edge an ordinance. I mean we've seen them on the show I mean W he's got this weird thing like we had the return of Becky Lynch twice since wrestlemainia. Because she missed a week and then she returned the next week. So I guess that might. That might mean something. As far as the Becky Lynch announcement I mean. They sent out some stuff on social media. But it wasn't like they announced it on smackdown raw last week the pay per view last night. I mean the caller right there. I mean he watched it. He thought there was going to be some sort of angles so we started skipping forward. I don't know how much curiosity there's going to be over the becky lynch deal. I was very curious. Okay and obviously a lot of people that wrestling closely. We're very curious but if you look at the numbers that's like that's what we're down to is the people that follow very closely. If you're a casual fan. I don't know if he had any idea that becky was going to make it announcement last night so my gut feeling I mean. Last week to in the hours were the lowest of all time my gut feeling is the number is going to be up this week and I think that most of it is going to be because of the becky lynch pregnancy announcement at the beginning of the show. They announced it. I'm sure word got out and all of the normal places. I'm sure people tuned in Ed recaps throughout the show. I think the number is going to be up this week but I just and I could be wrong. I've been wrong before I don't feel that in twenty minutes here. I'm going to be sitting here explaining to you that this was like band show is way up. Two point five million viewers or two point three million viewers. I think it's going to be very close to last week. But will be.

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