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Do fifteen now from the WFAN sports desk. Here's pob Eusler day. Gesture that a three-game Lewis. Z streak last week with a dominant win over the Broncos. And today they're playing a calls team. That itself is trying to end a three game losing streak and a lot of momentum shifts in this game. And right now momentum on the jets side. They lead the colts seventeen to thirteen. They just came out of the two minute warning here in the first half. Sam darnold through seven yard touchdown pass a Terrell Pryor short while ago to put the jets back in front. The other jets touchdown came on the second play the game. Moore's clayborn picked off Andrew luck. And returned it seventeen yards for a score just a few moments ago. Luck had a pass taken away by Avery Williamson that set the jets up on the colts twenty two yard line. So the jets with an excellent opportunity to get on the board here again in the first half leading the colts seventeen to thirteen the rest of these scores. All late in the first half, the falcons lead the buccaneers twenty one to six the Steelers and the Bengals are tied is seven. The chargers have a fourteen three lead on the Browns at Texans shutting out the Bill. So far tend to nothingness the dolphins. Seven the bears. Nothing. Arizona and Minnesota are tied at ten over Wembley stadium. In london. Seattle has a fourteen nothing lead on the raiders. And the Redskins on top of the Panthers. Seventeen to six Red Sox and Astros game to the AL CS tonight at Fenway and the Red Sox need a win to even the series David price pitches for them tonight. Garrett Cole for Houston there in the second period in Newark. And after giving up the first goal of the game. The devils have responded that game is now tied at one sports. A fifteen to forty five around the clock. Bob Eusler ten ten win. Sports wins news time to seventeen. There's a reason we invented things like same.

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