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Curricular was not liked by the senate and ghanaian was a valuable ally to have in the ranks. Unfortunately colella realized he made a miscalculation ghanaian wasn't an ally to anyone including his own family denies. His only allegiance was to the bottle. According to sweet. Tony's a roman historian of the time he was a drinker and all around angry man. His rage was well known. He gouged out a soldiers. I after the soldier criticized him and he had even killed several people in fits of anger when a young boy playing in the street didn't move out of the way guinea's ran over the child with his chariot. Luckily guinea's died sometime in narrows third year of life which left niro firmly the influence of his mother agra pena the younger to fully understand niro's story. We have to get to know agra pena i. She was the daughter of germanic the beloved former heir to the throne who died before he could rule. Ultimately this left the empire to caligula however agra pena still had an intimate view of roman rule at least she did until gila exiled her and her sister villa for conspiring against him. Luckily when caligula was assassinated just four years into his reign his often mocked uncle claudius became emperor and with fifty year old uncle. Claudius in power agra pena sawn opportunity agra pena grew up surrounded by backstabbing and plotting within the emperor's palace. She learned early on that for a woman to gain power and prestige was to play smart and be resourceful so she would use her son niro to her political advantage but at this point he was still a child. So in claudius invited agra pena to return from exile. She set out playing a long game of political chess. She waited and prepared to make the key moves that would bring her ever closer to the throne. Young nero received a thorough classical education but he took a particular interest in the arts supposedly one of his baby sitters was a dancer and she taught niro about artistry and emotion. This gentleman encouragement planted a deep appreciation for the arts. In the little boy and much like his departed uncle caligula nero developed a love for song and dance and for attention nero wanted to be adored. He admired the musicians and athletes. Who gained the love of the people through their excellence. Niro learn to see artistic performance as equal to athletics. He long to be a champion even if it was as a dancer instead of as a gladiator but his mother soon quashed that dream home when her son was around. Eleven years old agra pena found herself closer to the throne than ever after emperor. Claudius discovered his third wife. Missile lena valeria had a torrid and public affair. He had her but it. Suddenly the emperor was newly single early sources maintain that mess selena had plans to conspire against claudius with her new lover which explains her execution others. Hint at the possibility of agra pena being involved as the one who made the affair public in the first place in any case with claudius now alone agra pino was in a good place to make her next move marrying. Claudius as empress agra pena finally held the highest position of women could have in rome now she could pivot her focus from her own power to her son. it was time to start grooming nero. To be emperor. Agra pena realized the teenage narrow needed a more classical education nobody cared. If the emperor could sing like a bird he had to be a knowledgeable and confident leader so she turned to one of rome's most famous philosophers lucia seneca in forty nine c. e. seneca returned from exile to become niro's mentor taking long and instructive strolls through the palace grounds with him he taught with proverbs and bits of wisdom leaving the teenager to work out for himself with the lesson was for the first time nero was learning about the world of power and politics. His lessons with seneca often related to patients leadership has the boy grew seneca aligned with china's goal of forming him into a beloved emperor. Seneca saw potential in narrow. The boy could either be another tyrant like his uncle caligula or a thoughtful empathetic augustus. The aging scholar have lived under four emperors. Now he had the chance to mold the perfect ruler. But seneca wasn't the only person who had two seniors potential as a perfect ruler not long. After seneca became the boy's tutor agra peanut convinced emperor claudius to become niro's adoptive father niro's path to the throne was becoming clear but it was far from certain niro was merely an adopted son and claudius had other children from previous wives. Luckily agra pena had one last move that would solidify her son's place as claudius air marriage. Nero was disinterested in power. He was happy with his artistry and enjoyed his lessons from seneca. The last thing he wanted was to get married and succumb to the obligations of living in the emperor's family and putting on a show for the masses but agra pena didn't care much about teenage sons opinion niro's rise wasn't just about narrow it was about their family the line of germanacos consolidating power and the best way to do. This was to have narrow mary. One of claudia says daughters so agra pena's set her sights on octavia who at the time was around thirteen or fourteen years old. even though she was narrow. Stepsister niro in octavia were married. In the summer of fifty three ce niro wasn't merely an adopted son any longer he was now. Claudius son in law as well but fifteen year old niro was unhappy. He detested his father uncle and didn't care much for his new wife cousin either but he knew he had a duty to his mother and he wanted to please her. He.

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