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With foale's if it turned out where you had to play him whence, obviously has some that mobility as well which adds to that offensive system that they've been running. So it wouldn't shock me down the line. He's certainly a guy that is rising up. The board is the pre-draft process goes not just because he's six seven which can be a negative anyway. But with that speed that he has brand on the fastest forty times of the quarterbacks at six seven around two hundred and fifty pounds. But then when teams are meeting with them, they're realizing this this smart, like he gets sick of three nine grade point average. I think it was buffalo took a really lousy team at in high school and turned it around got the buffalo became start starter in turn things around got him the ball game this past year. So he's he's been a winner. He's smart. He's. Big he's athletic. He's got a big arm. He's just inconsistent. When it comes to his accuracy throwing the ball. But for for Philadelphia in general, I think you look at it. And what stands out is there, really good and balanced and just about everything, you know, their eighteenth scoring offense they'd like to be a little bit better the twelfth in scoring defense. But the two things that jump out twenty eight league in rushing and then thirtieth in the league in pass defense. So I think you got to focus on with whether it's pass rush continuing. I know they've got they've got dudes and they've got some depth with Derek Barnett. He's going to have to play a little bit better. Now know going into what historic year will be coming off the first round pick two twenty seventeen. They love his character. They loved them coming out. He's got to be more consistently dominant and become a bigger factor. Jackson defensive tackle. They got next Fletcher. Cox Brandon Graham, Chris long Vinny curry, I mean, they've got a bunch of dudes. So you. You have to think that it's more on the back end. And so I think continuing to address corner safety Mel mentioned Abram to to good really good safety class to the point where you and I've had this discussion before it's unusual that it's a better safety class in a corner class. Yeah, we want Thornhill is a guide Virginia. I just keep bringing him play. Both good player like corner can play safety. Ran low four fours at a really good year. Virginia it play corner boy moved to safety. He's a he's a guy wouldn't be shocked that he went in the late. I think Thornhill I talked about the running back like Damian Harris got gotta get a running back if they don't want one the first get Damien Harrison second round out of Alabama. I think there's some running back in the second round late two miles Sanders. Penn State would be another one the think about so I think they can get the running back. Wait a little bit on Devon single Terry from Florida Atlantic. We got hurt by the four six six was a really good running back. David Montgomery from Iowa State a good solid running back. Never fumbles. Very dependable. You could get him. Maybe third fourth round as well. So I think when you look at the Philadelphia Eagles the way it sets up right now. Now having to fours maybe of maybe one of those running backs at always drop a little bit further than they should maybe with one of those fours. They can get a nice running back and a corner and safety there's depth. So if you don't get them in the I if you don't get Byron Murphy from Washington d Andre Baker Georgia, greedy Williams, LSU, even maybe rock send from from temple in the first round corner. There's there's still guy like the lane from Michigan state is underrated while knee Johnson is a big long press corner from Kentucky David long. I think is underrated coming out of Michigan. Really good in man to man coverage. You mentioned you mentioned the Thornhill one Thornhill could be a corner or safety depends on how you wanna use them Trayvon Molin from Clemson. And then it safety. You've got Taylor rap Washington. Chauncey Gardiner is probably going to be early second round coming on a Florida..

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