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Welcome to ruin a back guys day radio podcast with fraud. Experts. Skip buyers. This is your guide to fighting fraud and chargebacks learn the best fraud prevention solutions and strategies how to enhance your fraud prevention team and held them prosecute criminals. Now, here's your host skip Myers. Hello, everyone and welcome to ruin Avar guys day radio. Hi, I'm skip Myers. And I thought we'd start this week's podcast little different than usual. This time of year. It's great to motivate and inspire, folks. And have a great opportunity to speak a lot of people at conferences and shows in at meetings all over the place, and in in what really inspires me to really inspire others in really got me thinking a lot about going into holidays and the power influence that all of you have to really impact others integrate way. And so the theme of this podcast is really to make an impact and inspire others to greatness. And really how do you do that? In a lot of you. It's within you. Now, just our ability or decision to actually bring it out of ourselves to help others in the time in need and. Spend that time with others. So that they can really see the impact of your leadership in the skills that you have to really make a difference not just at work, but in per in their personal lives, and you know, I get a lot of times in youth groups that I speak to skip. Hey, I need your advice. You know one day. I want to be a CEO. I wanna make a million dollars. I want to run a great big company. I wanna owner Ferraro and have all these great things. And always stop them something unconventional that. I do. I ask that person. I say, hey, let me see your cell phone. You have cell phone, right? And they said sure that's kind of weird what he want to see my cellphone. Well, let me see your cell phone and sure enough they plug their cell phone from their pocket, and guess what? It's the fodder in greatest new cell phone on the market in the first thing. I asked him. I said, you know, woods the last time you spent that kind of money on yourself. You're after the highest tech the hottest new cell phone. You can't wait to get it. But was the last time you really? Spent that sort of money in you invested in yourself, you have the hottest greatest cell phone. And I bet you have the hottest greatest technology on your computer. You got the latest new gaming system in all the latest games. But you know for yourself, you're probably operating on the same operational system in your self. That's that's been around for ten years wins. The last time you upgrade yourself. And you know, if you really wanna go to the next level is time to upgrade yourself in a lot of these same folks, I asked the same question to is what do you value, you value success or sleep in a lot of these folks don't even know what it means not to hit the snooze button. Win sleep is more important than being successful. When sleep is more important than helping others. You know, there's a problem there when you decide that being successful in helping others more impactful than hitting that snooze button. Then you'll make a difference. You know, there's a great story of. A book written by a famous Admiral right now any talks about in order to be successful. You know, you need to make your bed, and I think that's a great idea. But I think he stops the little short there. I think before you make your bed you need to get out of bed and quit hitting that snooze button. You need to find that why that we all talk about about what get your butt out of bed every morning, and what you wanna do into me a lot of times that's not just about fighting fraud. But what gets my butt out of bed every morning and excited about the day is serving others impacting other people helping them learn and become more knowledgeable about fighting fraud and ruin a bad guys day. That's one of my many wise that I have so really is not just about getting a routine and being disciplined about making your bed every day. But you have to get out of bed to want to do that. In what inspires you have. You thought about that? What inspires you today to get out of bed and do something different? And I hope they're in this time of year. It's something that you can do to make an impact in another person's life. And again, so often those people who want to be successful. They don't do what successful people. Do. I'm telling you right now. Successful people don't hit snooze button. They're out of bed. They're out doing something. They're making an impact every single day. There's a plan for their future in a lot of times that involves surrounding themselves with great minds and great people in making a positive influence on other people through encouragement and mentoring those things all play a great role into the success of what people have in do in. It's not all about finding the hottest ingrates new, shiny car, and the big house, and all these toys that people try to surround themselves with, you know, at the end of the day that doesn't mean anything when you're on your deathbed or at your funeral. All those cars you had their all rusted. Now, all those possessions, you have been passed away in inheritance or being given. Away. None of that matters. The one thing the biggest thing that really matters is the impact you had on others. That's you're going to be your legacy knows remember about this your success or the cars, you drove there. Oh, remember how you encourage people?

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