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The lights on and they're going. They do have the sirens alive. In the lights on but they're hauling ass. Now, San Jose police say they are still investigating the crash and we'll release more information soon. The good news is the officer does appear to be in stable condition. Reporting live in San Jose, Matt Bigler KCBS also in San Jose, the mayors in the hospital after a bike accident. He collided with an SUV sustaining fractures, including a broken sternum currently resting said to be in good spirits and probably will be out of the hospital in a day or two. The mayor's spokesman telling KCBS merely Carter was writing in the bike lane Mayberry road. When the SUV pulled into his path the driver stayed at the scene after the crash, Linda Dutra lives nearby. Several Nate was among the several neighbors who rushed out to help Tom and the wife dragged him onto the concrete because they were just afraid of another car coming and just taken whoever else was that. She told KPI x five she was amazed by how humble and grateful does seemed to be for the help. Carl guar Dino president and CEO of the Silicon Valley leadership group is a friend of mayor Lagarto the too often ride together, although they were not together when the crash occurred yesterday, he tells KPI PIX five the SUV cut the mayor off and caused the crash a six year old east Oakland girls in stable condition after being hit by what police believe was celebratory New Year's Eve gunfire. But as KCBS reporter, Holly Kwon tells us live from Oakland that child may live the rest of her life with a bullet in her head Holly. Because doctors are afraid the bullet could come removing the bullet could cause more damage well after midnight around two AM when the girl at a backyard party on thermal street collapsed crying, her father didn't realize you've been shot until after the arrived at UCSF children's hospital. That's where police chief anchor Patrick visited the family bringing an over stuffed teddy bear to the girls bedside. She had a message for the shooter as well..

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