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We all lined the street and so many contractors in that area. We were all lining that NASA road one while the motorcade passed us and drove into NASA Johnson Space Center for the memorial service and the flyover with the missing man formation. It was very impactful. You figured out at some point. Amy that you didn't want to be an engineer. You didn't want to sit in a small room and code. Yeah I did that pretty quickly. I think during my co OP program didn't want a minute to myself I. still wanted to play all this out, but I realized that this is not really what I wanted to do, and you also determined that you couldn't be an astronaut. Why So at the time as I found out while I was working in Houston. To be an astronaut. You had to have twenty twenty uncorrected vision. Old Problem was I couldn't see the big e on the charge and I could barely see my hand in front of my face, uncorrected corrected and I realized quickly that while that's GonNa be a problem if they don't allow correction. To get to twenty twenty how I going to do that unless they change the rules, this is not really a thing. I can't really do this. And so then in that case of my okay with being an engineer. And my answer and my head was no I didn't know really what else I was going to do. So you've graduated from purdue or you're about to graduate. You'll have a degree in aeronautical and astronautical, engineering. You can't be an astronaut, and you don't WanNa be an engineer. Right exactly a little bit of a dilemma, but there's this thing in your life from your tour of Washington DC. It's an eleven year old girl. Yes I wasn't hundred percent convinced that was really a possibility. But it was always in the back of my head, so in the meantime while I'm in the state of confusion. I decided to apply for the MBA program at Indiana University which had a great reputation. I went there to get my Mba that was my intent and try to figure it out. Sounds like a bit of stalling tack. It was yes, it was. And in that first semester, I thought why am I not looking into the FBI White? Why am I not pursuing that? Let me at least check into it. And turns out. They were looking for scientists and engineers. At the time they were specifically targeting. People with science and engineering backgrounds. What about the vision thing? Amy You have to have good vision to be enough the special agent that's true, not as good as an astronaut and even better, it could be corrected to twenty twenty, so you were fine. I don't know that I'd use the word fine as my story goes, went in for my medical, and the nurse was very nice to me when I went in or initial medical screening. And, I believe the qualification was like twenty, three, hundred correctable to twenty twenty for your eyesight well, I wasn't quite twenty three hundred, but the nurse who was administering this test. Essentially had me look at the chart and she kept asking me she said. Can you see that and I said? Sort of she said if you squint, can you see it? And I. I said I could see a better she has. What are those letters? Look like to you and I read them off as best as I thought, I could, and she said close enough. You're in I'm in or at least you've passed that part of the yeah, there's a whole battery of things of course that happened after that, but that was the initial test. When did you get to Quantico as a brand new FBI special agent that was January of Nineteen Ninety one. It took me a little less than a year to process, which is quick, it is yes, in retrospect..

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