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You're a four win team anything we'll get you excited. Now, the raider nation has something to look forward to with Antonio Brown. Just following him on Instagram and on social media shows you how much fun he has eight five five two on two four two two seven. I'm not done show finishes at the top of the hour. Eight five five two two four CBS is the number and for all the grades that I've seen and I've looked at six or seven of these columns from pro football, talk, ESPN CBS, all of them have the raiders winning the trade. But we know that's ridiculous. You don't win a trade until a season goes by and then we can look at the numbers of that Tonio Brown and compare them to the Steelers and what juju wide receiver and to see if the raiders made the playoffs. The only thing that's going to change. I believe in the short. Term are the raiders are going to be significantly better under Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock of the draft and Antonio Brown. And if they get lady on bell and the Pittsburgh Steelers are going to be on a downward slide at least through one off season free agency because they have twenty one million in dead money that they have to deal with if they didn't have that dead money and the Steelers had all this cap space, and they lost someone really good. I'd be like, okay. They're just gonna reload. They're going to make a trade or they're gonna hire a free agent or they're going to do well in the draft and to give credit to the Steelers and their fans as they've been getting a little bit of heat tonight. They're going to do a nice job reloading again because the Steelers like draft picks, and they got a couple of picks coming in three and five from the raiders. And I have a lot more confidence over the last twenty years with the way the Steelers draft compared to the raiders the raiders have had so many draft picks over the last twenty years that flamed out. That's why Mike Mayock was brought in. To come in. And make sure that they don't miss on those first four picks, especially the three first rounders, but they've missed on a lot of picks over the years that were just awful and players that they look back on and say, wow. Who did we pass on? I mean, the raiders took Michael huff over Ben Rothlisberger. I mean, you look at some of the picks that the raiders have made over the years, and they gotta clean it up heading into this draft couple of other points before I get out of here. We talked about the Lakers throughout the show and mixed it in with March madness of the Lakers now shutting down Brandon Ingram. Lonzo ball. Now have to make up their mind about the minutes and the load management of LeBron James the rest of the way, I hope LeBron does the right thing because he's a beast. He can go out every game the rest of the season and average over twenty five points and get a double double every night. Triple double could be hard because his team's really bad. But I hope LeBron James decides to play out the rest of the season and doesn't do what they're doing Anthony Davis in New Orleans. I hope that LeBron takes the high road for the season ticket holders in the television partners and plays hard the rest of the way because he's earning an enormous contract. That'll be a big side story. That we see coming up here over the next couple of weeks. What will the Lakers due to make sure that LeBron doesn't wear out in meaningless games at the end of the season. So he has some fresh legs going into the off season and next year and sad story here when it comes to the US Olympic team US Olympic cyclist cyclists by the name of Kelly. Caitlyn who helped the US women's pursuit team win the silver medal at the Rio games in two thousand sixteen died Friday at our home in California. She was only twenty three years old..

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