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Then he's going to say you know what my bases just not accepting this year and a half to pay we're going to have to do it a further payment or the wall we'd have to do that is the only way i'm gonna get it through or i can't move forward politically might that be the game he's playing here he surely must know if you pull the rug of the wall the wall the wall out from under your base they are going to react what did you ask us we reported this yesterday that we have a story tom ten cradle former congressman said he was at a private dinner with republicans and paul ryan speaker to how says there is not going to be a wall walls not going to happen well he does on they don't wanna wall what if they're big business pows you think all these agricultural they want to wall they want to keep wages low their disturbed that there's a a ugly little positive news on wages they don't like that the idea that wages are going up for the american citizen that's not good c i actually think wages rising for middleclass americans who have been hammered by globalization is the least we could do for them now but we're the order of the middle class voters people i came from wherever they go to get amnesty for violating laws dig at the evidence of state did they get a leg up in admissions in instate tuition they get some kind of of special treatment going into the military donald trump made a point today in a tweet saying we are going to kick these good people out these in there in the military illegal immigrants are are in the military first of all they shouldn't be number one number two it's a very small subset of nine hundred arnon interpreters or it's mostly for people with with certain skills that are unique to them and it's a very small subset of a one percent and it's a very small subset of dhaka people right there are some people who are not american citizens but because they speak farsi or or some type of dialect a in somali language that we need at a particular time go to.

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