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I can say is hi Missy here then moderating these debates I mean they they saw it last night to meet America's auto with thirty two minutes without a question and I was raising my hand trying to get a word in edgewise during that time so when you all moderated the debate it was straight up the middle it was professional we got real substantive topics okay this is absolutely true and good for Yang for saying something true and what he's saying there's a hundred percent true meanwhile the DNC is is releasing its fundraising numbers for October and they think again the DNC reported less than eight point seven million dollars cash on hand over seven million dollars in debt in FCC report released on Wednesday these numbers are bad they're ugly numbers those poor fundraising numbers come out less than a year out from the twenty twenty eight presidential election the RNC is blowing it out the RNC raise nearly three times as much money as the DNC last month pulling in over twenty five million dollars in October reporting over sixty million dollars cash on hand additionally the joint fundraising effort between the trump campaign in the RNC and raised over three hundred million dollars in twenty nineteen so far and reported a hundred and fifty six million dollars cash on hand last month according the daily caller time press is coming under fire for his crap fundraising job and of course they're having a tough time fundraising number one they don't have a nominee number two none of the people they're talking about are particularly exciting when I say they're not particularly excited I mean they're particularly non exciting and the new faces are getting slammed the New York times which is more wealth than the general base of the Democratic Party it is fascinating one of the as examining some poll numbers with regard to help members of each party see the members of the other party and one of the things that that you see is that the parties have eighty eight very different view of the their opponents then I reflected by reality so in other words Republicans tend to think that people who vote Democrat are much more some less than they are and Democrats tend to think the people who are Republicans are much more extreme than they are and part of this is driven by media coverage part of this is driven by the fact that social media rules the roost part of this is driven by the fact that the that the presidential candidates on the democratic side of the hour more responsible to Twitter than they are to their own actual constituents which is why you are seeing the durability of of Joe Biden is why you are seeing people to judge surge when he pretends to be a moderate there's a study this year is from a from an organization called more in common fifty five percent of Republicans and Democrats believe the majority of the opposing party believes extreme views in reality that number was actually thirty percent so for example Democrats believed only half of Republicans would knowledge that racism still exists in America in reality eighty percent of Republicans acknowledge that racism still exists in America conversely Republicans believe that only about half of Democrats are proud to be America I'm proud to be American the actual number was about eighty percent in other words most Democrats are not actually in alignment with Democrats who are running for president they are not which leaves a lot of room to run for president trump and media who are pushing the Democrats further to let their doing the Democrats no favors in fact they're hurting them but that's not gonna stop in your time from jacking me the aerostats moderate people to judge there's a big attack article in The New York Times I read up steam against people to judge it's call people judges struggling with black Democrats here's why is his former vice president Joe Biden is a hundred and fifty four endorsement from a current or former black or Hispanic elected officials Emily Harris is ninety three which is benefit her not at all Bernie Sanders has ninety one quite Booker has fifty a list before his forty three people to judge has six according to The New York Times judge has failed to demonstrate even minimal support among African Americans and Hispanics critical voting blocs will have a much larger say after Iowa New Hampshire and they're nearly all white electric begin at the presidential nominating calendar and watch as the media starts portray the democratic nominating calendar as itself inherently racist because it starts off with too heavily white state I'm Wednesday night debate moderators question good judges record on racial issues while rivals including Cory Booker and come here suggested he needed on the job training and talking to black audiences and obviously there's some truth to this van Jones of the same thing on CNN judges pitch black audiences was I'm gaze I've been victimized too just like it which obviously is not true again people judge is really not experienced significant political discrimination against the mayor of south bend Indiana we came out of the closet I believe is thirty at the time they came out of the closet Mike pence was asked about his base of like in July and this idea that he's experienced anything like the discrimination that a John Lewis experience in the United States is just absurd according to the York times judges weakness with voters of color limits his potential in twenty twenty campaign a donor class favorite address capacity crowds across Iowa judge counts as his highest profile black supporter either the man who lost a twenty eighteen election to be Florida's Attorney General or the former mayor of Kansas city Missouri no Democrat modern times has won the party's nomination without claiming majorities of black voters the most crucial voting bloc in South Carolina and in an array of delegate rich southern states would you support is a black voters and politicians have got to know him they say that once they do his fortunes it will improve that is very likely untrue it is very likely untrue so again in this field is floundering not only the floundering the Democrats in the media are pushing them to the left and the democratic base is not even agree with those principles which is why again Joe Biden remains you're likely is nominate their secular gonna give you the up all the updates on impeachment gate twenty.

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