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Deciding between the freedom of women to plan their own families and the strong hand of government women lose and kavanagh's courts owes us on the second amendment or straight out of the gun lobby playbook washington dc where he grew up would be wild west of judge cavenaugh head his way his views are outside the mainstream and there's every reason to believe he would overturn roe so here is a memo to the park land students if you care about common sense gun violence protection judge cavanaugh is your worst nightmare my colleagues should be a no on this nominee unless judge cavanaugh specifically commits that he will recuse himself on any issues that involve president trump's personal financial dealings or the special counsel there is enormous grounds for suspicion right now about this nominee doom and gloom the predictable talking points working fearmongering it's actually pretty sad anyway glad you're with us twenty four now 'til the top of the hour eight hundred nine four one sean is our toll free telephone number joining us now somebody that i have a great respect for that doesn't always agree with my political views in any way shape or form but he's talked at length about how we are now in this country criminalising political differences here's a brand new book out that is now costing him dearly at martha's vineyard which i'm getting a real kick out of it's called the case against impeaching trump alan dershowitz professor dershowitz from harvard law school is with us i'm sorry that i'm getting amused by the happenings on martha's vineyard but it's actually on the one hand it's sad and i'm sorry you have to go through it it's very sad on the other hand i think it it is very indicative of the polarization that has gone way off the rails in the country in my opinion agree with that it's you know it's not about me on martha's vineyard i could deal with two parties it's about how you can't talk to each other look you and i disagree about so many things but we talk to each other we have our disagreements than we shake hands and we come back for a next level of agreement or disagreement one hundred percent in america whether it be on college campuses or when it comes to supreme court confirmations pick sides and the other side has no virtues and your side has no vices and everybody lives in silos and nobody wants to interact with anybody else and it's it's it's a shame you know the folks in the vineyard learned their lesson and they're now back communicating with me it's in writing now now they're writing emails telling look look better now no that's better i agree and then i'm going to have an event at the big theater in martha's vineyard where i challenge anybody to come and ask me questions and i will not leave the event so every critical question every critical stanton has been made that's what town halls are out that's what the mark receives about but saying that i don't wanna talk to you of nothing is you're on trump's side that's the end of the issue that's just not america it's not the america i grew up in where i went to brooklyn college report about everything every issue i up during mccarthyism one of my one of the professors brooklyn college arguments with was eugene scalia justice scalia his fodder and we remained friends and i remained friends with his son i didn't agree with justice clear about everything he wrote but i love justice scalia as a person as an individual and we became good friends over time i think that's the america i wanna see get back to you you were actually kind enough and i i i actually have never been to martha's vineyard but you're kind enough to say hey listen why don't you come i have these talks go no i mean and i'm like you if it's the right environment i'll talk to anybody for as long as it takes you know as a conservative it's it's been my friends and people i know that are shouted down and threatened and literally run off the stage it's gotten so bad look what they did a poor sarah huckabee just taking her family to a restaurant look look look at what's secretary nielsen had to go through in a restaurant and then at our home and it's now also you can add to that pam bondi and steve miller and kellyanne conway and the.

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