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Think it does highlight you know it it does shanna spotlight on the yankee success because it came out of nowhere which is unusual for that franchise and it looks like it'll be around for awhile with the age of some of their key players you i'm looking forward to is probably another golden age v accuse red sox robbery because we hear the rich talks lupus shortage of the red sox have done made now one nearly two years in a row in a horror very young player bogart benintendi jackie bradley ah care that only god can renew it's it's going to be a lot of fun nixed gosh five six seven eight years because i mean the eu would assume yulia it and it's different when the yankees in the red sox have you on cores because you assume that lived in it that much of his quarter going to stay together you don't even to be if you're ready for the royals who does a fine window for forgot quarter to be able to win you know or renewed or or other teams like current metro that matter but uh the or the aqam the red sox you know when they have you know four and five guys you to growing up together to girl probably gonna be around for awhile and you're boring injury or whatnot next going to be a lot of fun because i think they're going to pry go back and forth trading via we eastern and because they're such monster in terms of your financial might you know you would whichever team probably what you're losing it up our game or to one year you're gonna make a huge signing the next year right and it's going to be one of those kinda you know golding cold war things with uh i think is really what made yoga the rivalry so interesting you know back in two thousand three two thousand four in that era because it was clear these two guys were reported in just one when championships everyone to win the championship chick every other to our phrase about the old ali frazier rivalry and that's really gonna be you know what a lot of fun to watch i think i think they'll have core were adding that one play your and who you.

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