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Start the russians had found dirt on hillary clinton through hacking with her emails snap popped up this of course now has already pleaded guilty to lying to fbi officials any investigation and he is a cooperating witness faxon steve harragan protest in iran clashed for a third day in a row as police fatally shoot at least two men this little began a small demonstrations against the rising prices of basic food items that they quickly tenth political and violent at times video on social media shows protest again clashing with police at least fifty people have been arrested will that iran state tv says most were later released i did it tweet president trump has cold on the iranian government to respect the rights of its people to protest the seems to be a lot of anger about the country's economy servicing i'm protest is also seem undeterred by the police crackdown fox's kitty logan iranian police again shot and killed at least two protesters and arctic blast freezing half the contrary is millions bond the love or stay indoors predominant but the survey are pretty quickly and millions of americans will ring in the new year in the bitter cold temperatures falling down into the negatives across a huge area of the country for a feels like temperature negative 12 in indianapolis up and down the coast those feels like temperatures will be down in the teens in some cases the negatives it gets even colder yet as we run into new year's day fox's adam cloths fox news fair and balanced mm listen my life changed because someone was there to get me to use drugs no one can understand whether or not they have struggled with addiction themselves people.

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