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Six eighty fees sports leader giants an rockies over at oracle park last night you're pomeranz matches career high with eleven strikeouts his eleven strikeouts mark the most by giants pitcher in an outing of five innings or less since the current mound distance was established in eighteen ninety three again levin strikeouts in just five innings for jew pomeranz last night giants rockies game two of the three game set tonight show up for the night time this season they lose last night to nothing but that the giants have won four of their last six home games today's x-factor factor the game sponsor by expanding get netflix youtube or music and more with xfinity x. one the x factor every time he goes to the mound from now until the trade deadline should be madison bumgarner because any of these starts could be his last start so i would advise you to keep tuning in to watch him he's scheduled to make his seventeenth start of the season nine and two with a one point nine four era in thirteen batting average against over sixteen career starts against the rockies here at oracle park and his last eight they've all been quality outings fifteen career wins against the rockies tied for the most he has against any team in baseball window into the game is being sponsored by dolan's lumber and doors if madison bumgarner does what he does against the rockies normally in and i just gave you the numbers on he's been very good the bullpen has been greatly of the giants last seven home games against the rockies the volpe is thrown thirty thirty scoreless innings just hits four walks and thirty seven strikeout so they've been very good we'll come back with this day in giants history it's a pretty good one for today i had a quick glimpse of it actually be smith told me what it was but this one you're going to like and of course we're gonna check on other games with the outta town out of town scoreboard we'll do it on next only here on.

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