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So no Jocelyn or maybe a couple of teams got together lifted the sewer great and slid the fuck up in there, and oh, no. We can't tell you about it. So. That day going with the with the kids like, you know, of course, like that means you go there only is like we going after them and all I was little surprised though. 'cause Darryl Michelle go by themselves. And I was kind of expecting it to be like more people from the town because it is kids to they say pregnant black woman and Errol they say head of security top-flight cop. Okay. No. Waas Endo the people they all those people look like they had left the gate year. And I think that them leaving. They was like, oh, this is something that we can do this. This is going to be something where we're going gonna eat a lot of people to help us like we go get the kids to come right back child. And that's very nice. But of a motherfucker kit kidding all the kids in the town. I'll be suspicious of any of the parents. It's like y'all Hanley. I'll be good. I'm gonna stay here because these green, especially when they showed up I wanted y'all y'all see like tight, there's some kids that might want. Not wanna see my pregnant asked. I ate by myself. I'm not saying she can't go. Well, how you going to say about her? That's it. She didn't wait for them to get dressed. Maybe maybe shoes. Imagine be like I need to get dressed. Right behind you. Michelle, daryl. It gets all last always leading the black woman. Do all the guy they read it. You don't have to get ready. They buy turned around him already going. Falem shown Darrow. Stay ready. I mean, she's like you said he is the head of security. So they would that's the job. So then. She talked to Darrow because you need to take a break you out here mad pregnant, and we buy sells like man pregnant like I see you helping from like she she put a mega shame. I see is about to burst. I'm like, you ain't got twin Rix up being you. Just showed the flight of women. Even you know, she don't get to relax inn while pregnant like the other one she even an ugly was renting the little town. But you know, the other thing too much show might have feel obligated to be like, no, we're going to go get her because I'm the one that invited her into detail. She was kinda my responded. Everybody else. Go get your little friend and children, which I still don't understand. But okay. Y'all trying to make it make sense. But it's never gonna make sense. I can't be straight this from a man who has kids that he don't take. I don't have any kids. So just go put that out there..

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