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Trooper Rick Johnson with the Washington State Patrol says the response was fast because the trooper saw it happened from his rear view mirror. Obviously let dispatch. No, he turned around and approach, it seems Both vehicles were fully engulfed even before first responders could make it help had arrived, thanks to some good Samaritans who helped get the drivers out of the cars, according to South King County Fire and Rescue. Thankfully because of that, we only had two patients and one was treated with minor injuries. So very thankful for the community support. Mr Go to say that pickup hit the semi suffered some kind of mechanical failure. It is 5 33 time now for real time traffic with Tracy Taylor, and it took us a long time to recover from that closure with the both directions of highway 18 out near I five and we had that earlier record as well on 80 eastbound warehousing, and that is now cleared out of the way. But we're watching, though, is on north on four or five just north of 195. That's a crash there. According to D. O T, it's taking up the toll lane. In the lineup starts from just after one 24th and heading out that direction. It's still really busy on South 35, outside of Lake City, way through the downtown corridor, heading up South Centre Hill and again from 3/20 and heading out to the dome. No, I focus a lot on Lakewood, because the drive times that's not normal for this time of the afternoon, especially for those of you from Olympia to Tacoma. It's still over an hour. I mean, what's half an hour longer than what it should be, But we're still looking at a 40 minute commute from Tacoma to Olympia. We had some earlier issues near the Tacoma Mall. If you're headed across the water, 90 has some slowing. If you're headed westbound often, doesn't I would say mid span. Up to the I five merged since North and I was still struggling around the Michigan curve and heading into the downtown corridor. Traffic is brought to you. By this moment. There you go. Audible delivers everything you need and everything you love to listen to all in one app stream. The newest releases bestsellers audible originals, popular podcasts and more start listening free with a 30 Day trial at audible dot com. Cairo Radio. Real time traffic. I'm Tracy Taylor. Have a radio forecast should be a very nice summer evening. Out there. Temperatures the upper fifties. Tonight's right now. 80 degrees.

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