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David Martin has his story. Eighty years old and looking as though he could still lead marines into combat retired sergeant Major John Canley received the medal of honor for his actions in the nineteen sixty eight battle of way. We'll get to the details in a moment. But here's what you really need to know about. What happened? I can't take any other way. Of where I would rather die than with memories. You think you're going to die that day? They're never crossed my mind Canley was leading his marines into the teeth of a North Vietnamese ambush on the southern outskirts of way macho with follow me to death. So they are in a position where is that? They may die. What am I supposed to do? According to statements submitted by his men what he did was repeatedly exposed himself to enemy fire wounded marines to safety. They're still alive. Right. So I'm gonna try to get to them. I witnesses saw him pull at least ten wounded marines to safety charge a machine gun that had them pinned down and deliberately exposed himself to fire in order to pinpoint enemy locations. But he hates being singled out from all the other marines who did their time in Phnom. Will you look at what type of award or what type of recognition they received? There's nothing that. Really offend me. The marines who followed him into battle Canley says we're this source of his courage knowing that they was a Honda percent behind me fear never existed. David Martin CBS news, Washington. Coming up next here. What's behind these skyrocketing number of migrant families crossing the border illegally? When do you want a spot that burglar casing your home or after he's in asked? John who's blink camera? Alerted him a burglars trying to break in while he and his family, we're home or Shannon. Who's blink camera? Caught a thief stealing packages both times. Blink video clips were sent to police to help convict the crooks. Blink motion activated indoor and outdoor cameras are wire free setup in minutes and run on two AA.

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