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So you're gonna learn how to develop the right core values for your team and implement them. If you want to get it text create core values now, that's all one phrase. No spaces create core values texts that two three three four four four. That's three three four four four or click on the link in the show notes. Well, it does it get any better than a real life. Testimonial. Insulin thing to talk about principles and some of the practical tips, we give you every program. But. But Dave and carry way as I said at the top of the program they had to deal with this and deal with in a situation a huge vacuum. If you will were as father, who's the heart and soul, the founder of the company he passes away. What do you do next specifically around this conversation? Here are David Carey. We were brand new business owners his father had passed away. And so the team members the whole atmosphere was like they're a little bit afraid, right? The godfather has passed away and what happens now so and we were a fearful we had never done this before. And now our whole where his dad was our net before and he had done a great job of stepping back from the driver's seat letting us strive and being there as just the safety nets. We always had him to go to an end ask would we do? Now. What do you think about this decision is this right? And he would smile and nod and reassure us, and and it was wonderful. He was phenomenal was a phenomenal mentor and coach, and he he was gone. We came back. We tried to assess what really is our culture. Yes, we had a culture at that time. But we needed to defy. Fine. It a little more kind of like put flesh on the bones and figure out who are we an at led us to creating a mission statement and coming up with what our core values are our core values, we're not aspirational at all. They really defined who we were already that was already in our DNA, and we needed our team to know. So that coming into our culture, the core values that we initially came up with was four, and then we added three more and the teams reception of those they agreed and not that we were looking for agreement, but they came to us independently and said, these are things that we totally agree with this. Because that's who we are ready. Are that to you guys are ready are that's who we want to be. That's the train. That's the bus that we want to be on. And that's something that we can believe in an live because we've already seen it. Practiced right. The biggest thing I noticed when everyone understood agreed with an adapted to the core values that we had I didn't really see the impact right away outside of our organization. But what I saw inside our organization was that it gave kind of a new heightened sense of purpose and a wind in the sails like we can do this. We can do this. Where before it was kind of like, I don't know if we can do that. That's a big stretch. Now, it was like, yeah, we can do this. And so at this time we were negotiating with a giant customer to try to win some business from them. And they were demanding that we jumped through all of these hoops and goal would be changed every week..

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