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I gotta give that whole like a fun time should uphold and all hell my apologies interest as little perspective all sorts of stuff to com member you jam named after jim rupe audio yeah why not too let's check in with the root beer right now longtime friend of the armstrong get show westwood one correspondent jim rupe joining us we got the isis in oakland fabulous just what we needed hello jim what's up good morning a twice eight two year old man by the name of a mere out hook gagi was arrested thursday and friday was charged with providing material support to a terrorist group namely isis and planning an attacked release the potential of an attack it delays denny's federal documents that this allergan turkey has spent some significant time beginning quotes in yemen met with undercover fbi agents a discussing an attack set up to a according to these documents social media accounts of four isis where the benefit of isis upper recruitment and promotion that kind of thing although his family says he was young immature didn't know what he was doing uh thought these conversations were just ghabra stations and even though he it let me let me let me back up just a little bit because he was originally arrested on identity theft you so a credit card in bought five thousand dollars worth of clothing and backpacks including backpacks with this stolen credit card which is what got the ball rolling that's a lotta close flood backpack how busy twenty two years old reminded me a lot of remember last year i think it was a bronx man was arrested at jfk but twenty two years old same kind of situation reminded me a lot of that story but the strange thing about this is that his family and his lawyer both say he was a young immature is not radicalized in any stretch of.

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