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Reason wedding rings are made of gold, not bottles of Poland spring. Oh, my God! You guys He went to 7 11 radio from hell X 96. All right, 6 21 right now, so we will officially begin the show here. On Then we will officially go to your check ins. I think we have one person at least who wants to say good morning and tell us about his or her day and what's going on? 8776029696 is the number to call and check in with us. We'd love to hear from you. But right now, let's start it. The key to good sex is communication. Unlock your best pleasure at black Velvet Boutique, Utah's locally owned by women Sexual Wellness Resource Open seven days a week at 595, South State in Clearfield Online, black velvet boutique dot com. The moon. Just about four. A couple of days. It'll be a full moon. It's 94.5% of full last night before I went to bed did I haven't? I mean, I have been outside? I've been outside as much. In the daytime or the night in any of the times. Yeah, The moon is 94.5% of full it will set today. At 9:16 A.m.. Today being let me see here. I gotta get my page up here today being Tuesday. It's the 26th Day of January In the year of our Lord Jesus Christ, 2021. This is day 302.

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