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Let the government know that you need to open everything back all of your personal freedom the work hungry it's ridiculous Michigan's governor says protesters carrying fire arms were out of line but she will ease limits on sometimes the work like construction next week I'm Jim Johnson W. mail news at nine oh two I'm trying peers now that governor Northam has lifted a ban on elective surgery Virginia hospitals can you reschedule right away what are the conditions of any particular hospital how many patients who have who are being treated for COPD at nineteen the volume of supply Julian Walker VP with the Virginia hospital health care association explains elective surgery simply means scheduled many of those procedures even though they are scheduled still have significant impact on health outcome of the patient whether it's in New York if the place which can impact mobility or whether it's something like a cancer surgery Walker telling W. I. males mornings on the mall Virginia hospitals have also taken a financial hit barber brit WMAL in W. one A. L. dot com midsized businesses were left on the pay roll protection act but they may soon be able to get some help senator mark Warner says the paycheck protection act only covered businesses with five hundred or fewer employees it really is it fair that if you're a retail business or a large restaurant you have to have six hundred workers you get no support the paycheck security act proposed by Warner and others would give any eligible business support of up to ninety thousand dollars per employee for at least six months it would apply to all businesses lost at least twenty percent in revenues and don't have massive amounts of cash on their balance sheets heather Curtis on WMAL in WMLW and governor Larry Hogan says he's appointed Kathleen brain to be Maryland's insurance commissioner Hogan announced the appointment today to replace al red bird he has been appointed to executive director of the Maryland auto insurance fund brain is a former principal counsel to the state's insurance commission since two thousand twelve she has been with the law firm DLA Piper she also is currently a partner in the insurance sector and litigation and regulatory practice W. avail these time final four now W. and mail traffic.

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