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Offer code WTN. So yeah I I did just changed. Changed the title to my special. It was originally going to be Jeremiad. This the comedy special I just shot for net flicks six because there was complications with the name. Jeremiad in that the folks that net flicks saw no one would know what the fuck that was probably true that they might have to look it up on a deeper note. It was that if they saw it would they know it was a comedy thing it just in the menu. I took that note. I realized they were probably right so now the name of my special is going to be an times fund the UP. Just I'm just telling it like it is it's going straight. That's I mean I'm going. That is what it is. It's end times fun. That's that's what I tried to do. That is Tony Owned the special also on the cat front. Got Some good news about my cat monkey. I'm just keeping you up to speed. I brought him in which was an ordeal when I was just home just last week to check. Because he's got the hyperthyroidism giving him. The medicine hit so his thyroid right. Now is a little low so we gotta bring the you know decreased medicine get the Roy level kidneys for his age. Just starting with a little kidney disease. I think it told you that. The the boardwalk outside of that is spectacular so it might have a little time with the old fucker and I guess you know despite what anyone says despite the outliers despite bite the people that say hey man I had. I had a cat that died at age forty. He lived forty years. I this one cat was fifty seven years old. When it died I had a cat? We don't even know how old it was but we think it was one hundred two outside of those rare stories fifteen and a half is old for a fucking cat. I have an old ask cat. And he's I think might hang in for a little while. I'm hoping I need to pay these things out. I don't think could handle putting another one down inside the same year but I if you gotta do what you gotTa do it the other cat buster he buster kitten bringing him in Shortly to get his levels checked because he's been on the kidney food since the renal failure after he ingested what I believe to be lily pollen. So that's it that's what's happening. I had Randall Park over my house before he left. And I have to say it was A. It was really a great to talk to him and I talked October Alley Wong about him and I talked to a notchback con about him a bit and now talk Randall. The final season of fresh off the boat on ABC returns this Friday January seventeenth. And there's a special one hour series finale Friday February twenty. I this is me back at the house. Talking to Randall Park. Uh home is.

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