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We asked her very simple life not much to be going material things and we asked her. If there's anything could have happened swirl to make your life better what would it be. She said nothing. I have everything i need and what she would really referring to. Was that sense community. She had when you looked around that community. All they were all bought in to help each other. Make sure each one of them. He's wage member of that community survived and was able to have everything they needed to raise their children. The grill do everything they need. I was just one of those amazing things experiences. That when i came back home as much like when you come back deployment you look around. You wonder why life the way that you've seen it and it's exactly up. You're like i mean i when i coach dad's i'll tell them like. Hey look over here. And then they're like. Wow was it always this. It looks like a frat party was in here last night. You don't really realize that because you're walking around with blinders on the moment. Someone says like that when you go down there and you see all that you're like you just you witness more of what we're holding back in life because you know what really is you're capable especially even does all this stuff you've done like i feel lazy just here sitting here listening to it and the one question i was thinking though as i think is almost probably your kryptonite. You slow down to be dad. Because dad is a moment by moment thing that you can't really they do like what's next because it's not about you. It's about them. So how does that convert as a dad. Yeah so the. The biggest piece of advice that i've gotten from from other dads is to be present in the moment. You have your children be present within. Don't you don't have your phone. Don't be on stock on instagram You know when when you have your child be with your child and so for me..

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