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Lifestyle queen today with me. I welcome back. Dr bill lawrence. We had dr bill on. I'm calling you dr bill. We had you on the show a while back. And you talk to us all about this fabulous study on tila amir's that you are actually conducting so you're conducting to clinical studies and today we're gonna talk a little bit more about the dna methylation study which is another study of aging and i'm gonna for those of you who haven't watched the first one yet. I just want to make sure that. I introduced dr lawrence properly. He actually has a law degree. He has a master of science in psychology and appear phd in nutrition since one thousand nine hundred ninety s focus has been on slowing and reversing human biological aging. He's developed numerous science based protocols focused on optimal aging for health professionals and individual clients. And presently he is the administrator of these two clinical studies one of which we're going to discuss today so welcome back dr lawrence and it's a pleasure to be here actually as i always say it's a pleasure to be any place of course of course. Don't we all feel this way. This these days yeah. I'm i'm excited to get back into this topic because it's definitely near and dear to my own heart. I am fifty one. I'm not quite there yet. But i definitely want to be there. Where i am in my seventies and ballroom dancing like yourself and your partner right absolutely. We were out friday saturday and sunday night. That's amazing you see this is. This is the kind of thing that i believe anybody who really cares. Listen there's going to be people who don't care that's just a fact some people just don't care and they just leave it to destiny. Whatever may be. But i'm personally not one of them and i know a lot of people in my community are not those type of people either so very interested in this type of information so you know maybe we can start. I know that you brought your presentation with us and maybe we can start at the beginning like we did last time for those of the those of you who have seen the first video. I would suggest that you go back and watch. 'cause dr lawrence gets into great detail about the to lamaze activation study i and today it's going to be more of a review of that and then we're going to get into the meat of the dna methylation study which is really part two of what dr lawrence does. So if you'd like to take the stage. I would love that okay. Sandy of just Context here for a second..

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