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Then the rest of the movie isn't gonna look as good as it should well dolby vision and hdr ten plus use. What's called dynamic meta data and that specifies the brightest pixel and the brightest frame within each scene can even go down to the frame level so the picture generally looks much better with dolby vision or hdr ten plus so now be getting back to the setting I would start by selecting four. K dolby. Vision assuming that if you watch a piece of content. That is only hdr ten. It'll come through just fine as opposed to selecting hdr four k which may mean. I'm not one hundred percent. Sure about this so it may mean that it gets dolby vision content. It will only look at the bay slayer dolby. Vision is basically constructed with two layers and the base layer is hdr ten and the enhancement layer is all this extra meta data and if you set the apple tv to hdr four k. It may ignore that meta data and only show you the hdr ten base layer. So i would say start by so it to dolby vision for k and it will probably look better user. Sixty four thirty seven asked a great question. Is it smart to buy a harmony remote harmony elite remote now. They're no longer making the remotes but they're going to. They've said they're gonna still add new devices to their database or are there better universal remotes that you could recommend. The answer is no. There are no better universal remotes. That i can recommend i still love the harmony i in fact have been thinking about upgrading harmonies Before they disappear there still at best buy they're still a couple of places You know so. They're going to remain in the in the supply chain a as long as people have product so And my older harmonies only do infrared. Which was fine in the old days. But now streamers like roku and apple tv used our f or maybe even wifi but the harmony remotes. I guess i'm not sure now have to think about that. Due to the new harmony remotes go over wifi at all. I'm not sure about that. I'll have to check but they certainly do our f and roku does rf radiofrequency which means you don't have to point it. You don't need to be in line of sight. So i'm thinking of of upgrading. My harmonies while. I still can so. I think that is a a good thing to do myself scooter. X. says the apple tv four k will support other. hdr formats and we'll switch accordingly good. That's exactly right. Jim allen asks. Do you think dual cell. Led tv's will fail to be adopted because they are too dim for hdr. great question. great question..

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