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Hit the purple people eater implies that tequila is one of the songs the titular character learns to play with his horn the last word of the song is the title character uttering the word tequila both songs were released in nineteen fifty eight tequila was played in breakfast at Tiffany's during the party that Audrey Hepburn's character hosted about that there's a lot of references to the song tequila in movies so we'll start with the story San Francisco cordon BusinessInsider San Francisco going into twenty four hour lockdown until April seventh the bay area including Sam Cisco will be directed to shelter in place until till April seventh the directive went into effect at twelve oh eight at twelve oh one AM this morning and it affects six bay area counties including the county and city of San Francisco as the San Francisco Chronicle noted the affected population totals more than six point seven million people they will still be allowed to go shopping for groceries and supplies the directive is not a full lockdown their status so people will not be prohibited from leaving their homes without government permission in this is Christmas for big government people this is Christmas instead they're directed to stay inside and avoid contact with others as much as possible for three weeks law enforcement is being asked to insure compliance with the order the central businesses will be allowed to continue on the list of essential businesses includes there's a few things the most San Francisco thing about this order guess who is exempt from.

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