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The fire at the long remained on April tenth. Eighteen thirty four did not destroy the enslaved woman who said it in an act of suicide nor did it destroy her enslavers who she hoped would die beside her and the flames. It didn't even destroy the house. The angry mob did that day through armoires out the windows and pianos off the roof. They took out their anger with uncouth graffiti and stole the sterling silverware even the lowery's carriages demolished by the time the mob finished the once. Enviable home was barely more than four bloodstained walls. By some estimates the opulent French quarter mansion sustained about forty thousand dollars in damage or about one point two million dollars today and while the be noted this as the first act of this kind in the city. It couldn't blame the citizens for their reaction to the lowery's crimes. New Orleans had a long and complicated history with race after its settlement by the French. The city was home to a thriving community of free black people. In France slavery was more about class than race and that continued in the by you but in the wake of the eighteen. Oh three Louisiana purchase. The newly American city imported slaves to serve the wealthy creole upper class by eighteen thirty four. The dichotomy was starting to rankle and the city wouldn't stay safe for free black people much longer. The lowery's abuse highlighted the growing discomfort many had with slavery. It's unclear when exactly the couple's started their sadistic acts. They did their best to keep the abuse a secret. But delphine and Leonard Lowery married in eighteen twenty five and moved into the infamous mansion in eighteen. Thirty two that November delphine filed for divorce claiming. Her husband beat her in a cruel manner in front of witnesses. She was not granted a divorce a few months later and enslaved girl died after jumping off the roof. It seemed apparent that madame lowery had chased her up there. The Laurie Mansion was right in the middle of the French quarter. It was impossible to hide what had happened. But it's not worthy that. The neighbors reported Madam Laurie not for the death on her property but for burying the girl in her yard. The police investigated this report. But what they didn't know was this wasn't the first illegal burial at Lowery Mansion by one survivor's account at least twenty. Four slaves died at the lorries hands. Newspaper reports confirm that bodies were found buried on the premises after the fire but in eighteen thirty three there was only one known death. One that could be written off as an accident negligence. Instead of malice the lorries faced. No trial served no jail time. They were fined three hundred dollars and forced to sell their nine. Enslaved servants within weeks. The lorries friends bought the enslaved servants back and delivered them right to the mansion. They thought they escaped. There was no recourse for these enslaved folks that were no laws to protect them. They were trapped over the next year. The lorries performed twisted experiments on their enslaved servants keeping them chained in kneeling positions wrapping their waists in their own still functional intestines breaking bones and resetting them off kilter. It appeared the doctor wanted to see what horrors the human body could survive. No one could blame the enslaved woman who set the fire especially after they saw the condition of the victims. Once the rescued slaves chains were removed. They were taken to the mayor's Office for medical care within hours. A reported. Five thousand people descended on the Laurie House. They attacked the building because they couldn't attack the lorries. The demon couple had already escaped to Paris where they continued their lives of wealth glamor and presumably sadism while this is horribly unjust. It was among the better outcomes for the survivors of the fire even with the public outrage and the atrocities committed there was no law that prevented the tortured victims from falling. Back into the lorries. Possession yet again. It's unknown how the rescued people fared one would hope judge can own jr who rescued them from the fire used his legal power to set them. Free that the free victims moved north found a fresh start and dictated their own futures. But it's equally likely they were once again sold at auction. Even after the fire. Unable to escape their chains there would be no true justice until the end of slavery. And that wouldn't come for over thirty years given this history. It's no surprise. The lallera mansion is now considered the most haunted place in New Orleans..

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