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I would say with regard that Milan and the moves that they've made didn't get to play last week, unfortunately, because of the bridge collapse. So they postponed this game. This is their first game of the season. Napoli already got one in the books. That was a big one. This is a big test and I think we're going to really get an idea temperature of AC Milan in this game. So I think you guys should watch that one. If I was being plus you gotta get. I'm sure there's some streams that you guys can find illegally, just read it. Yeah, good ready. I think it's read it slash are slash soccer streams. Spain do. We don't because there's really not any good games and severe Hillary, but it's it's a bad one, but I do wanna stay in Iberia peninsula because in Portugal, big, big Lisbon, Darby is going down. It's a sporting bay Portugual versus Ben fica. Now fun fact, Ben fica was dominating the Portuguese league for four straight years. They were like the UVA and Byron Munich, Portugal, every season. It was going to be them, but they're rivals. Finally port au beat them last year, and that's awesome. Set makes league about a thousand times more. Interesting. Benfica's won the league title, thirty six times supporters one at twenty eight times and sporting eighteen times. So sporting is kind of the, you know, the ugly red headed stepchild. This big rivalry the front three, but they're playing. They're playing invent Pika stadium. If you can watch any of these games, if you have a bucket list item and travel and see a game somewhere, I suggest this Darby or when Puerto placement fica. Awesome. Awesome. Awesome. So if you have a chance to catch that game, I recommend it. And then the best game in Germany. Boondocks starts this season RV. Rby sick versus dormant. Actually, it's Dorman is hosting it against Leipzig. I think all we wanna see is how Christian pulisic does not all Jesus. Let's let's just what it is. We're really excited to see how Christian pulisic dozen this one. Both of these teams are the most exciting in all of Germany probably gonna vie for that. That prestigious title of being second to Byron Munich this season. So this should be a really good game. I think it'll be electric. And if you get a chance to watch it, I think it's on Fox Sports, talk sports to they're going to be any defense in this game. I think it'll be I could see in the three two game. Now, a fun fact for you on this one, it was that Bruce, you Dortmund had a forty one game on beaten streak at home that got broken last year by Rb Leipzig three, two, two. So I think this is a bit of a revenge match for Dortmund's and obviously they both have new coaches. So it'll be interesting to see how how their styles and philosophies philosophies get implemented into this game. So a lot of good storylines gonna would bore you, let's say with all the details just watch us one first and then we'll talk about talk about it on race, brace Fogle. Sick. Let's that would be amazing. I have in my YouTube channel, I predicted that he would score the game winner. So I hope that stands up with and then the the big game it's rivalry week here MLS. But the biggest rivalry for me at least in terms of talking points is the l. a. Darby l. traffic. Oh, as it's being nicknamed which I think is funny. I, I love that the galaxy or hosting LAF's e and so I wanna give credit where Credit's due because Elliott see in their first ever season in existence is third in the Western Conference two-thirds to the season three points off the top behind Dallas and sporting Kansas City. And and Bob rallies manager, he's attracted ton of great players. Any file Hiber Lee win, Carlos vailab on the Mexican national team. I mean, it just got a good solid core guys..

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