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You and i don't want what you guys need to do that again okay shift line i mean he you'd be soul intuitive here as well you get a hold a chef brian and tell him that i take heed the beal got chelsea sean i you know tell him to invite us yet through it sealant go what i i got all my prostate cancer uh looks like a got an early and it was nothing short of a dirty rotten sob but i'll tell you what uh going close to hear and get your blood yet okay all right lays lane ankara aim by by uh let's see we gets uh hm not calling in because i'm on the porcelain thrown i coughed so hard driving to work at three fortyfive that i wet my pants this this cried so my brotherinlaw ended up in the emergency room for coughing so hearty pole muscles you know and i my wife did not go to lava with us for the same wrinkle she went up to the emergency room that that's twice she's been up there because of this respiratory i've i've at it for three weeks i've been on an antibiotic new anywhere clarin up year here though we are clearing up the or you're a younes el sarah in saint cloud minnesota checking in laura lee alzheimer's lady hitting the road to start planning for the 2018 season of the walk in alzheimer's in preval logan logged in st george tim to tree guy checking in chris the drunk checking in sounds like a show yeah lunch people i i just i can't get to everybody thank you so much everybody's up an atom all right up and add up an adam i'll case we've got news coming up after these is only traffic in honor you know you'd think there'd be accidents but it's probably worth mentioning the fog and as one of our people at called the check in a bunch of flights canceled and late out at the airport uh he said that upped ninety minute delays so if you're flying out this morning are picking somebody up from the airport you might wanna check in and see if there yet check on to check lemoyne first and seat because herb either still cancelling flights early this morning the cancelled a few yeah and when i got my got up this.

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