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Orange County convention center test site what's the age restrictions were lifted yesterday crews ran out of test gets much more quickly patients start to exhibit a temperature of at least ninety nine point six or have respiratory symptoms health officials say the center has enough test for five more days and at that site results should come back in about a week how bout some optimism senator Marco Rubio is confident we'll be coping nineteen we can win we will win this battle and I think how quickly when and how the price of only when depend on it every single one of us doing our part from the people at home that are staying home to the scientists and and the brave and incredible doctors and nurses in Scott I know you'll like this one we're heading into Palm Sunday at one church in Seminole county is trying to bring it on home Markham woods Presbyterian is offering palm fronds and communion set for members to pick up at the church's drive thru portico and they're going to feed you to barbecue chicken to go Friday from five to six thirty your move your car Ford and receive another bag from one person with gloves on that will have your palms and your community kept the church will stream it's Monday Thursday Good Friday and Easter services on Facebook live Marcia Taylor news ninety six point five W. DDL inch and Scott one more twin or church related story the church in Deltona Trinity Church is having a food drive for two to three thirty today what kind they are out on L. can Boulevard at the corner of arrowhead Avenue so too good church stories around and I'm assuming that social distancing will be yeah they're gonna put it in your car like a drive through thank you to the same church that had a toilet paper drive for a week or two ago exactly are Killin it at Trinity Church should information Jean thank you meant twelve fifty one now your news ninety six point five W. DB I'll sign for the five day brought you by pro Teck air conditioning and plumbing services meteorologist Cassandra creamy that it is going to be a beautiful day across central Florida lots of sunshine and similar to yesterday we are keeping our temperatures on the cooler side highs are expected to reach the upper seventies and low eighties will be to eighty degrees today in Orlando tomorrow will be a little bit warmer lots of sunshine with a high of eighty three on Saturday mostly sunny with a high of eighty four and by Sunday we start to enter into another chance for rain well partly cloudy skies a thirty percent chance for scattered showers with a high of eighty two and on Monday partly cloudy a twenty percent chance for rain with a high of eighty four from channel nine Eyewitness News I'm meteorologist Christopher crimp right now we're at seventy six degrees in Sanford I've got seventy five now nothing but sunshine and only those severe weather station Jack Iran is hearsay touch Garrity triple team traffic I for in your toll roads both moving well light traffic no issues at this time just watch your speed limit as you're traveling about.

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