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Temporary fencing and barricades from near the White House they have been placed there at the height of the protests also today president trump rejected stripping the names of Confederate generals from military bases in the southern U. S. he said that he would quote not even considerate but NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from all of its stock car racing events and properties the federal reserve says that it will not raise interest rates through twenty twenty two as the economy claws back from the pandemic recession today's announcement came as the fed projected unemployment will stay above nine percent through year's end chairman Jerome Powell said that it is essential to keep interest rates near zero in an effort to boost growth you know we've we lowered our policy rate very quickly quickly than others the effective lower bound we said that will keep it there economy has weathered the effects of the virus and is on track to achieve our goals the central bank projected that the economy will contract by six and a half percent this year what grow by five percent next year the country continues re opening from the pandemic but infections are surging again more than a dozen states are reporting their highest seven day averages of new cases yeah and hospitalizations in nine of those states have increased since Memorial Day all told there had been nearly two million coronavirus cases in the U. S. with one hundred and twelve thousand deaths a retired federal judge today accused the justice department of abusing its power in the case of Michael Flynn John Gleason blasted the government's motion to drop criminal charges against president trump's former national security adviser the trial judge had asked reason to review the motion they ousted state department inspector general says that his bosses tried to stop his review of a major arms sale to Saudi Arabia transcript he Lennix interview by house Democrats were released today in the linac also said that he was reviewing secretary of state Mike Pompeii as alleged use of staffers for personal errands on pale responded this morning Steve when it was a bad actor in the expected general office here he he didn't take on the mission of the state department to make us a better that's what inspector generals are supposed to do they work for the agency had that's me my my mistake was that Mr when I stay here as long as he did when it had been the state department's inspector general since twenty thirteen election officials in Georgia are under searing criticism today after voters waited for hours in voting machines failed in Tuesday's primary amid the confusion a democratic contest for a U. S. Senate seat remains too close to call we'll get the details right after the news summary and on Wall Street fears of a recession overshadowed news that interest rates will stay low the Dow Jones industrial average slid two hundred eighty two points back below twenty seven thousand the nasdaq rose sixty six points the S. and P. five hundred lost seventeen still to come on the newshour what election.

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