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The match against Ecuador. They agreed following the practice. They then requested to chat with the president directly. They have a clear opinion until the president will make it public soon and at the proper moment for my opportunity. African champions Algeria, Mauretania for one in a friendly match in builder, two goals from Galatasaray midfielder Sofiane figure Lee, Adam Yunus and Baghdad Bernadette Beneath the Dodge. Sorry, scoring the attitude for the desert foxes. Cameroon will be looking to beat Nigeria for the first time in 20 years as they play in a friendly match in Austria. Next. We're going to be looking at the NFL. Uh, the National Football League has promised it will no longer settle concussion lawsuits using race based formulas that assume black players have lower cognitive function. Why was it using them to begin with? And how did it affect black retired players who allege their on field concussions have given rise to brain injuries and cognitive disorders like dementia? I've been I've asked Professor Catherine Post seen a neurologist at the University of California, San Francisco. To determine if a patient has experienced a decline in their memory or other thinking skills. A neuropsychologist compares the patients test performance to the average performance of a group of healthy people. These are norms, which choose a reference sample that is of similar age and sometimes same sex, same level of education. Well with race norms. The reference sample is of the same race, too. So is an accepted practice, and it's certainly lowers the benchmark that a player would have to meet to qualify for an award. In other words, by requiring that the black norms are used. The NFL therefore makes fewer payouts. Why is it only just being dropped? So there were a couple of retired players that led a case, Mr Henry and Mr Davenport. So we heard about this coming out last summer, where they accused the NFL of denying There are awards because race norms were not used. In other words, their clinicians diagnosed than with dementia, but didn't use the black norms. And so then the end they accused the NFL of them, requiring that the race norms be retroactively applied and in doing so, They no longer qualified for an award. So this is what really brought this whole system to light in the case of the NFL. Obviously, you can't judge someone's mental capacity based on the color of the skin, right. That's what's happening. People with black skin are being assumed to have a lower cognitive baseline and in terms of like the NFL's current players It's a majority Black League. There must be concerned that even though they said they're going to get rid of this system that does seem discriminatory. Yes, absolutely. I think you know, we are all very curious to see what happens next. And I truly hope that, um they come up with a solution that no longer includes race at all in the formula. I just don't think it's appropriate. Here is an example of racism. I think the way that the norms are being applied in the case of the NFL is racism because it's systematically making it more difficult. For blacks to qualify for a monetary award. And in terms of the next steps going forward. What do we What do you think will happen? Frankly, this case has really exposed. You know a major weakness in the field of neuropsychology in general, and I don't have the perfect solution to pull off a shelf to give the NFL Almost every NFL players. Certainly everyone that I've spoken to in clinical practice has experienced many concussions. So it's not a question of whether these players have experience concussions. The question is whether they have experience subsequent cognitive decline, decline in their memory and other thinking skills that is severe enough to interfere with their everyday function. That's dementia. It's caused by progressive brain disorder that results from repeated blows to the head, concussive and sub concussive blows. I think the best solution is going to be correcting for other social factors such as education as much as we can. But frankly, most of the normative data available on these widely used tests don't have, um, the all the corrections that we really should have for precise form of medicine. So the best that they can do is correct for some basic demographics like education, and I think, just take race off the table. That was a neurologist professor Catherine Post scene there from the University of California, San Francisco. Have a little bit more sport later on for you. Now. Mount Nyiragongo in the Democratic Republic of Congo erupted almost two weeks ago, and Goma's residents are slowly starting to return to the city. But how safe is it? Alan Cassie just started off today's episode of Africa Daily by speaking to James and Zavala, who runs the Goma Serena Hotel. He described his experience Of the eruption. Once the eruption took place for around 56 days, you could not see the view of the mountain was covered with ashes. But is that last Saturday is when Maori were able to see review of them. And so in the evenings when it's not cloudy you can clearly now see the beautiful lagoon was standing out of a shadow in Goma. So now we are able to see the mountain from the hotel and from the town. Meaning that the issues of clear I wonder when your Workmates your colleagues at work. The people who live in that area are talking and you're listening into their conversation. What does that teach you about those people? Why don't they leave that area? Why don't they evacuate? Because even if you know gaga is not A threat at the moment. It's just a question of time before it happens again. Uh, you know what people say, East or West home is the best is where they were born. Most of these people is where the live looter. I think people look at it as um There's a not a very big threat. And if you look at the past eruptions, 1977 was was then the one in 2000 and two was not as worse as the previous one. And then if you look at the events of this eruption in May 2020 One. They're less. I mean, the volcano didn't reach the town just covered some, uh few villages. Some people I think look at it is becoming less a risk as the the lover erupts and flows. It's kind of diminishing from the underground. The reason was so I think people are just optimistic. And this is their home. This is where they were born. This is what they call on for them. So even if the eruption came and swept the town like it did in the previous events, people would still come back. And they inhabit. They will still come and tribute. The gonna s specialists who are observing their almost saying that the volcano I mean, you know you could have died, but.

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