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And did that work for free. Didn't even get a check. At least some of these people that sold us out. Gotta check it. The rest of you just just doing it for nothing pro Bono work for the doubt. Dan, white, man. Are you serious? No say are you serious? You rang, right? So yeah. The Russian influence campaign on social media and the twenty six election Mehta extraordinary effort to target African Americans because they know we voted a nice unperceived clip for Democrats. There's one plucking place. You can target is us. And so that's why we must be vigilant to fight against this information apathy that is why 'cause we are under the fucking gun in a way that these other people are not and I'm not a fucking Coon to tell you that. I have your and my best interest in mind to tell you do not give into apathy, I'm not blaming anyone for the election. I didn't go with black. We will also election. I didn't say that. But at the end of the day seventy seven thousand votes is what it came down to. Now, if it's even one partisan, they is the sound of my voice and goes woops, then and won't do that in twenty twenty. Then the mission fucking accomplish us a platform to go. Hey, you're really hurt going and stay home if you want to, but but just know that that's exactly what Russians exactly what Republicans that you claim to hate fucking want from you. That's what they want you to stay your ass own or it'd be like Marc Lamont hill. Tom my word. We'll get a a better liberal party. We just we just let them win. Okay. If you think that's mart. You know? Why? So so, yeah, that is the reason that is is is important as a pair of that. We do that. We do this that we talk about these things within our community. Anyways, they tried to suppress the turn out a democratic voters. Unleash a blizzard activity on Instagram that rivaled or exceeded post on Facebook. According to a report produced from Senate by the Senate for the Senate intelligence committee. The report as new details to the portrait that is a merger of the last two years of the energy and imagination of the Russian effort to sway American opinion and divide the country with the author says actually contains this day active and ongoing interference operation remain on several platforms said the report produced by new knowledge, a cybersecurity company based in Austin, Texas, along with researchers at Columbia University and cans research LLC one continuing Russia Russian campaign, for instance, speaks to influence opinion on Syria by promoting but shar our side the Syrian president and a Russian our in the brutal conflict there the new knowledge report, which was obtained by the New York Times advanced to of his scheduled release on Monday is one of two commissioned of about. State about the Senate committee on a bipartisan basis there are based largely on data about the Russian operatives provided to the Senate by Facebook, Twitter and other companies platform to us, by the way, Twitter and Facebook didn't even necessarily know how bad the problem was or this shit was happening and didn't do anything. No. They just took their money. Right. They don't want to expose how many fake as users. They got shit. They shut this down. They wanted to day could right? So yeah, let me find seven shit. They talked about. Here. The new knowledge research discovered many examples of Russian operators building an audience with one theme and then shifting to another often. More provocative set of messages, for instance, is grab account car. Army of Jesus I posted in January twenty fifteen images from the mother show this shifted to Simpson's. And by early twenty team became Jesus focus multiple means associated Jesus with Mr. Trump's campaign and Satan with that of his rival Hillary Clinton, so they build up audience with the cute shit. And then switch it once. They get enough followers to have some impact and be like, Hillary Clinton's devil, re tweet..

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