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The most juice there to the table. To one Williams hello Juan Williams. Going up against devonte Smith last night thought he did a pretty good job. Don't have the coaches tape yet so I can't tell you exactly how it looked from the bird's eye view. But it looked like a really solid night for juwan Williams. Is this finally happening out? So they finally not only do they finally have a CB three but is this finally happening with juwan Williams that maybe it's starting to click? Yeah I mean I'll tell you this he's running with devonte Smith where that you know even if even if Shawn Williams was always playing well. You write it down when you think oh that's probably a mismatch. And he hung with him and this might be it. I don't know that he was dominant last night. We didn't see a ton of them which is a good we've talked about this was a good thing for cornerbacks. They just need him to be decent. Assuming assuming stuff on Gilmore comes back. If Gilmore doesn't come back they're hurt either way. But if Gilmore comes back they just need him to be serviceable. And I think between the joint I wasn't there but based on what you said from the joint practices and then when I was all I invite. He looks like he can be serviceable. And you know he's not going to be Jason McCourty but if he can be close and then maybe you mix Jalen mills in there a little bit. Maybe you mix Justin bethel and they're a little bit and he made a nice play in coverage last night. They might be okay. I don't know that it's great. I don't know that it's their best situation positionally but I you know I feel a little better now in terms of you know if they don't add externally I think you come away from that game certainly feeling a little better and you did going into it. He's not a difference maker. He's not a game changer but he can hold his own. And that's probably the reason somebody brought up Eric Rowe in the comments exactly. That's the guy. Someone like that. Right. Someone that's just serviceable in their role can hold their own it's not like Juan Williams is going to be asked to go up against devonte Smith in a regular season game or when they go into week one against Miami assuming Stefan Gilmore is out there. They're not gonna go hey go take Devante Parker right on an island one on one. That's gonna be Gilmore's matchup and juwan Williams is gonna be on the third wideout. Kasich you know he's gonna have a matchup right? That's gonna favor him a little bit more. They're not asking him to go out there and take number one wide receivers every week is my point. All he's got to do is take the third guy out there. That's always got to be able to do. And if he can do that then the Patriots will be just fine. Maybe they do finally have a depth piece there at corner. It also allows jaylen mills to move inside which we've been harping on all summer long. Jalen mills an inside guy. He's a slot is a money backer. He's a strong safety. He's not an outside corner..

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