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Hello and welcome to juicy scoop. I'm back with kimberly archie. Who is my expert on everything. Legal and more involving tom girardi now estranged ex husband of real houses. Beverly hills erica. Jane saudi lawsuits so many things. I was just like just come in and explain it to myself the people but before we get into that you have been reading some of the comments and i like that. You have a sense of humor. Would you like to respond to what people have said about you. Kimberley Probably the thing. I seen the most often is that i remind people frozen bar or like someone said. I'm getting roseanne barr vibes or something and i was like oh and then some of them would be nice and be like well. She doesn't look like a really. It's just more like her. No give a shit attitude or what. I have not seen that one. I agree first of all huge. And and and i think she's you know one of the funniest people were all. She inspired me to be a comedian. And now that you say that. I can kind of see it the way you can just like. Drop these funds without trying to be funny like it's just a very natural cadence about you which i think is why people related unloved roseanne so much especially in the early part of her career so i don't think that's negative. What else did you get you know like. Oh like we want hear talk more about like ponzi schemes or evil lawyer. okay okay. We'll get into that kind of you said you were compared to another rocker. Oh right oh one of my favorite ones. Yeah i looked like gene simmons. So like i'm a chick version jeanson i love it. Yeah i thought it was funny. Yeah you're too. I mentioned thanks. But i got distracted. Very good well. My favorite is always been that. I look like the mean Puppet that rides the tricycle in saw. Which is you know a huge movie. I had seven of them. So i always said if i can be compared to someone who starred in seven horror films. One of the biggest blockbusters ever than let's have it so it's always good to just embrace it and say thank you but i also get a lot of great comments because people thank you for explaining it. So let's just get into it. Let's start with last week's episode of real house. Was beverly hills. okay now. The last two episodes erica now has revealed to the girls. She unfortunately had to file for divorce and she is crying and she sat about it and it just interesting because basically in the years previous she said thomas iraqi supports her he so great But we also did witness him cut her off be rude however in the book which i read it was only great things which was what made me say the book is boring like how they're not one. Juicy story about maybe. Some snobby lawyer's wives ignored her. Nothing in there she also send you never read it but now she is crying she went to meet kyle and she war but we go go crying with mascara from a survey there's waterproof mascara since nineteen thirty eight. So that's before we were all born so she i'm sure she could get waterproof mascara still i mean well. She cried very hard once when she freaked out on. Elaine davis davidson in hong kong. And did not cry then. camille grammer. Brought up for house was severely hills that they went swimming in the actual ocean in the bahamas and there was no mascara. Kushida sunglasses queen to like. She likes big sunk. i do too. She likes being sunglasses. So there's even there were scenes that somebody posted where she's inside with sunglass. She sitting in bright sunlight right with non waterproof mascara. You know just solving the other part of it is listen i don't like waterproof mascara. I don't because i feel like it never comes off but when i've cried when anyone's cried whether you have makeup on or not. It's a natural thing to go like this. I don't have a tissue. You go like this if you're talking to your friend and she's balling whether cameras or not you either. Try to find her a tissue or calm and like literally. Wipe her chair. Yes black tears. Go down now for some of our listeners. Some of you may remember this. Some of you may not. There's also been a great. Tv movie made about the tammy faye bakker was a woman who was also caught in a horrible scandal of where they stole money from all their originators and she got on camera she wore a lot of mascara and she cried in the mascara rolled down her faith. So kyle is sitting there in. Kyle's getting said to and kyle seeing her cry and she's wiping away tears a little. Now come on that whole scene. And i watched it yeah. Did she take acting classes. Because i thought she went to like an art high school in atlanta. What she needs to get her my for any classes. 'cause nobody was buying any of that. I mean that was terrible acting. It was horrible. Well as much as i like kyle. Kyle's our friend. And i think they planned out this tier fest with the thing. We have to stay far apart because a cova did so. We're gonna sit outside. But i'm not going to remind you to wipe your face in less cal comes out and goes you know what was edited out is where i was like why you're could've added wipe off her face. Which is not a normal thing to do unless you're planning on. I'm gonna do this sympathy thing with the black mascara. Okay okay so so kathy. And i talked about this scene and remind everybody who casts. Kathy's my childhood best friend. And she's joe's mom they were in the documentary on hulu. And they're the clients. That sued tom over two years ago. and does eleven million and he still owes them. Yeah okay eleven million dollars. So cathy i. She's been watching it since. Erica got on because you know they had dealings with them. She thought maybe she learned something new. So we're talking about it and she said something that really struck me the. She's like she wants people to be sympathetic. But she's not sympathetic right. Who gave you that. Narrative like your crafting. This pr stuff. I mean come on. We all know she's on a reality show. She's done enough media she. Her side has to crafting narratives and lay it out. Who's doing it. You know. I mean tweedle dee and tweedle dum yet. Who's coming up with this because it looks wild. I mean it doesn't make sense. I you know. I always said. I didn't know why she took didn't take the narrative of i was with dumb waitress. I was told. I could spend whatever i want. I knew that my husband was getting these big windfalls. But i thought we were spending the forty percent of the windfalls. I never knew that anything was being and yet did i sign papers. I should've read. That's a very common thing. But the.

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