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Hundred nine six nine nine three five two I saw something here that's happening in South Carolina in. A school. District and they say no more Snow days Or you get off because you have snow and they don't let the buses out. Driving knowledge they. Cancelled school we used to have that happen of, West Virginia but now they said that they've chosen to have e. Learning programs so basically they give these kids ipad so they're gonna have to do their lessons on. Their, ipads, oh no. That's terrible because as a kid growing up in, the north do you dream you hope for the? Snow days. Oh yeah we used to have flood days and. Snow, days well here. In Florida all you when we, moved here all you got was if there was. A, hurricane yeah that's he, got off but you don't want to root for a hurricane. Snow though You could. Always, claim that you couldn't, get reception on your wife I couldn't get my lesson chess On your pad signed Epstein's mom Teams It is eight ten and let's turn it all over to daisy ash and find out what's happening in that traffic Train. Traffic center powered by climate design south onto seventy-five has an accident Pinellas county south of the thirty eight. Th avenue north, looks like it's off to the side of a disabled. Vehicle in the right lane eastbound on beers. Near lake Magdalene and there was an accident Clearwater drew west of Myrtle this traffic, report, brought by Karavas Italian grill, now, for a limited time when you're two one of Caraba signature favorites, like chicken Brian chicken Marsala or, polio Rosa, Maria you'll take. Home free made from scratch lasagna for tomorrow night's dinner but hurry offer ends August fifth.

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