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Which ultimately led to donnie darko. You're talking about bob vulgarities. I believe so. I believe just from here. He's a gambler from here to apologize. I this right. He's from here. You're absolutely right apologize. He's from here but the point is that would mark cuban He has his ear. And donnie. walsh is going after twenty four years. Gm in large part. Because of that recall law has departed as well even though he was hoping to get the milwaukee jobs. But we now see. That might probably ain't going anywhere. That's why indiana job twenty nine million dollars and i'm very very happy for last one point. The other point is is that jason kidd has to be careful because jason kidd wants coached in brooklyn ended up by nine. Now deal fashion. He departed from milwaukee in less than ideal fascist. This is probably his last chance as a head coach. Better not mess this up in terms of relationships within the organization and the reason why coaching here so important is because the dallas mavericks having one more than forty two games in the season over the last six years back even though this past season when they want forty to give them credit with do because he did a seventy two games in a seventy two game season instead of an eighty two game season but what people are looking at and what people have taken notice of is that you got a well respected and well renowned own mark cuban. You had a great coach. Rick carlisle wanna championship a decade ago. Even though he hadn't gotten out of the first round since okay you play in in a in a city like dallas a metropolis and a state like texas would no state income taxes. And you couldn't get any marquee free agents everybody's paying attention to that so natta jason kidd comes here. What you have is a guy who's a point guard and a lot of these guys that are point guards really really know the game and know how to think. The game ended up showing the potential to be great coaches. Jason kidd also has a history as a developmental guy him and his team you know jaanus is credited with a lot of the development that yoenis displayed in his years where jason kidd was coaching him. And even though lukas got that game with them ready. It's expected that jason kidd will only make it better but the key thing the two key reasons why jason kidd got this job outside of dirk nowitzki obviously voucher for him along with others. That definitely helped. 'cause dirk nowitzki now has a voice and he's a more cubans is well. Dirk nowitzki matters the keys. Is that a. He's believed to be somebody who can cultivate the right relationship with luca. Danni that luca danni is going to be receptive to receiving what jason kidd brings to him and number two jason kidd is going to be seen as a considerably better recruiter. Their recall potentially because because a lot of people want lucrative gone. Because i'm starting out looking doctor. Kristaps porzingis because kristap. Porzingas is not seen as having the greatest relationship with luca danni a matter of fact. Some people have accused him of being jealous. Spoken to these guys. So i don't know this to be true. I'm telling you what. I'm hearing from our sources in dallas. That's what's going on porzingas. Probably needs to go. They probably need to utilize him to get a bona fide option because he seems to be somebody that's jealous of adachi resentful of the cachet. He has compared to porzingus. And that's partly what's going on mark cuban and those guys may deny it. They can do that all they want to. I'm not saying they're wrong. I'm just saying this is the noy than that circulating down here. I would have stayed healthy. They'd be debut in the fight. If you've been like healthy last couple of years. I think they'd be in the finals right now. But that's the way the cookie crust two years ago but this past year. His jealousy was considered more problematic than his game. This is d. crc i'm daniel. I'm a former two division champion. And i'm a bad mamma. Jam yes he is. And i'm ryan clark former super bowl champ. Be sure to follow new podcast wherever you can. We want to imitate. We're gonna talk sports life. We have a great time. It's going to be a ton of fun is gonna be fun our c. d. c. is ready to roll guy that's dc and artsy. Can you to follow wherever you listen to all your podcast next year. Yanni is about to start his first training camp since becoming the head coach of the eagles but according to former nfl fullback and now nfl network analyst. Michael robinson not everyone in philly believes in the new man in charge. I'm not going to say any names. But i know some guys in that locker room. They questioned this guy and they questioned whether he can lead to truly lead his team and me. Personally my personal. My personal thoughts on it is that maybe howie roseman wanted to put somebody. Yes man in newport. Hey coaching position. Because doug didn't wanna do things all the way his wayne so he wanted to get a yes man there. At least that's what it looks like to me it's stanford go stephen. What do you make of those comments. Not surprising at all. We know that doug peterson loopy. Be the coach there. We know that he wasn't on the same page is how we roseman. And it's unfortunate and we've seen how weird mixture yanni's press conferences and his conversations with the media have been. They've been nothing short of bizarre. So i'm not surprised by robertson's comments at all. I think they're right on the money. All right adam. Schefter had some interesting comments about aaron rodgers sang. They've lost aaron rodgers. There has to be some sort of stipulation that makes it clear that the packers will trade him after the season. We all know where this is going. It's going to a divorce. This is about a way to bring him to camp and he's trying to find a way to engineer his departure. Max are the packers making a mistake. Not trading him now. Oh yeah look. They have to try to change his mind. I keep saying ease the mind that has to change the cancer. How are you going to strong arm of quarterback leader in a full contact sport when he's not all in to lead your team to a super bowl when you're ready to win one that's not gonna work and his value is going down not up. Because he's a distressed asset. Everyone knows he doesn't wanna be there. According to tampa bay times. Tom brady played the entirety of last season including the super bowl with a torn mc l. And his left. Knee stephen a. Are you impressed with brady. I'll give him credit for this This information was leaked out and revealed after he won a super bowl Which is different from lebron james. Remember years ago when lebron james lost in the finals and then came out in the press conference with a cast on basically highlighting how he had been you know play with a messed up hand arm or whatever. The case may be at least brady did athey one but still who cares now. Congratulations all right. Can his back for a second season in foxborough. The first go round didn't necessarily go as planned a new and said he views the upcoming season as put up or shut up to a look to build off his rookie season in miami. Though he struggled at times under center last season he finished six and three as a starter with eleven passing touchdowns and five. Pigs zack wilson is a new phase in the conference. He takes over in new york. The jets haven't had a winning season since two thousand fifteen and they haven't reached the playoffs since twenty. Ten josh allen was selected to his first pro last season. Can he keep it rolling in two thousand twenty one. He currently has the third shortest odds to win. Mvp only mahomes and rogers have shorter odds. Where's marcus spears. Various with the good and the smile. That's the marcus i know. I like max which team wednesday the afc east. I think it's the patriots. And i think this is a very tough one not just the patriots and the bills but also the dolphins but if you force me to pick right now i'm going to say the patriots. Let's keep in mind. That was a seven win team to plays to plays away from being a nine win team. You got that extra game this year right. There was a tie. You're going to be there. Bubalo five hundred nine and seven team. Sorry nine.

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